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Zamperla Air Race ride – Coney Island



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  1. DarkzZoid says

    I almost died on this in oc

  2. Ramces Delgado says

    I never been on this ride before.

  3. Withered Freddy says

    Just went to Coney Island today and was too afraid to do this. I did do the steeplechase and the Electro Spin though.

  4. abdoulsalam moyenga says

    I love this ride

  5. Cool Kitty says

    The weird thing is, im normally scared of every single ride, even Bounty, but when I went on this I wasn't scared one bit, it was soo fun, went on it three times

  6. SUBSCRIBEtokathrynlowe says

    they are going to get one in drayton manor in august

  7. Alessandra Pollo says

    LOOVE this ride!! Scary! Heard this is Air Race month for them and they have a tons of pics on FB at Zamperla SPA! Would love to try all of them! Though the one in NY is the best…how can you beat NY?! 🙂

  8. Alicia Maynard says

    looks naff, theyre having one in Drayton manor, looks too kiddy and repetitive

  9. Thaddius Jaffe-Smith says

    that looks so fun

  10. Vero L says

    Thumbs up if you live in NY!!

  11. Ryuto Shimoda says

    Fantasilandia – 2013 Summer

  12. grainger little says

    Thumbs up if CoNeY IsLaNd is the best

  13. XoxoJars says

    &theamericanhan lmfao

  14. steven pulley says

    no ther is 30 comments

  15. steven pulley says

    better at lagoon coney island sucks

  16. chillymers says

    thumbs up if you like this ride

  17. KayKay_246 says

    tht ride is awsome i went on it but my hat flew off

  18. KayKay_246 says

    tht ride is awsome i went on it but my hat flew off

  19. NanaaL LOpez says

    thiss ride is amazinq 🙂 i went on it

  20. Mizznessa132 says

    That Ride Was MAAAD Scary/FUN its holds u in the air 4ever

  21. Weirdo Hush says

    aha last time i went on this ride someone threw up

  22. Jessica ravioli says

    @socra66 they r fun!!!! I have a video of them too!

  23. wilson macarandang says

    One of Zamperla's best machines!!! LOVE Zamperla!!! SPEEEEEEED!!

  24. LinkAdams says

    this ride might end up in adventure island southend unitted kingom, looks like a good ride but a bit intence for me, ile stick to euro fighters and suspendid coasters. wont go on pirate boats or gyro swings either make me sicctuk, but disco rides yes, one good ride manufacturers is zamperla. would love to ride thiere moto coaster

  25. Reaper SRT says

    That looks like fun

  26. Soleil Weddington says

    this was so fun i went on it before

  27. Brian Chen says

    @NLBUURMAN ohh. sorry if i sounded a little attack-ish. I didn't mean it like that, but I'm still pretty sure you can't control the plane. I was in the front seat, nothing to press or anything. (Answering flashback0978)

  28. CrexFX says

    this is the best ride its so much fun

  29. NLBUURMAN says

    @PuniPenor there are some rides you can control yourself, and as those planes don't go in one line, I thought that maybe you could control them yourself

  30. Brian Chen says

    @NLBUURMAN no, of course not. haha.
    its really fun tho, i rode it. pretty scary for me (:

  31. Myles Graham says

    that looks mint, i so hope i get to go coney isaldn in the holidays!"

  32. Onike Browne says

    @NLBUURMAN no u cant control it but it was gggg i went on it yesterday twice and i luved bein upside down ughhhh i want to go bac

  33. NLBUURMAN says

    can you control these planes by yourself? anyway, looks like a cool ride!

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