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Yanique Curvy Diva – Lifestyle


This song is the first recorded single for the lovely “Curvy Diva” which is produced by Good Good Productions (c) 2017 Money Mix Instrumental/Riddim.

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Instagram:@yaniquecurvydiva / Facebook:@yaniquethecurvydiva

Visit The website @ www.goodgoodproductions.com

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  1. Tee Po says

    Her body is banging? She's pretty too.

  2. LyricalWelstrap VEVO says

    Song ya loud

  3. aheeisha says


  4. Khes Moon says

    wow 3 years fly by fast this is still a BOP

  5. luss lussceto says

    Still love this song

  6. jazzy says

    Who still listen to this song in 2020 ????

  7. Prince Tagoe says

    Love ya

  8. Igor Borges says


  9. bipul nath says

    Dose song who like listing assames langues & hindi ? Reply me qeekly

  10. bipul nath says

    Who love this $ong love from india

  11. Dicky Skelta says


  12. kemiesha mckoy says

    Still one of my number 1 in 2020. ????.

  13. Madhurjaw Medhi says

    I don't like the song I like her black ass

  14. that girl cute cute says


  15. Maurice Divine Boye says


  16. САША Белов says

    ☝️КТО ПОНЯЛ ЖДУ ??

  17. Nikki Johnson says

    Can't believe am just hearing this song damm love it

  18. Toya Smith says

    If this bad one more time

  19. Mohamed Abo Alkasem says

    Beautiful lovely

  20. Mami Arteaga says

    Videos música no sirven

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