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Xbox Series X – Xbox Games Showcase – Xbox Game Studios Announce Trailer


Experience the best line-up of next-generation games from Xbox Game Studios—with all games releasing day one on Xbox Game Pass, 5 new game reveals, and 9 Xbox exclusives.

All games will look and play best on Xbox Series X, the world’s most powerful console.

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Packing over 12 teraflops of GPU power including new technologies like; hardware-accelerated Direct X ray tracing, variable rate shading, and support for higher frame rates up to 120 FPS, Xbox Series X is designed to deliver a new level of fidelity, feel, performance and precision never seen before in console gaming.

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  1. xande gameplays says

    launches minecraft update for Xbox 360 please

  2. Andrea Prisa says


  3. Iluminus Ômega Force says

    I don't like any of these games, they are casual and soyboy

  4. hugepanda says

    Xbox you need to fix 2 things about your console your code of conduct and let me go on my alt account

  5. Infinit Infinit Infinit says

    I like xbox series x

  6. DenXD says


  7. Ernesto Manuel Colon Jr says


  8. Nikolaj Jensen says

    You showed some AWESOME games Xbox, games that are actually worth playing in this livestream don’t forget that.

  9. Dr.S says

    Thanks aholes u made Me spend 15 euro for a 2 euro game

  10. Dext Omona says

    Grounded impresses me

  11. Griffin says
  12. robben garcia says

    Xbox selling ps5

  13. shahram xalid says

    muslim ok

  14. Jim Mulholland says

    Are any of these games going to be on Xbox one x . Or did I just throw my cash into the wind

  15. HA-R00N FA-HA says

    Please make playing online free

  16. Alan Castro says

    The Tower of Power! Yessss Sir!!!

  17. Preston Hedge says


  18. kermit freeman says

    Can't wait for halo infinite

  19. HP Less says

    Did they just said

    * Exclusives * ?

  20. Saiki Kusuo says

    Gets gamepass > Gets game > Gets fun

  21. Madness 01 says

    Lol the 1.5k dislikers are BS4 fanboys. ?

  22. G. Faustini says

    Porra Microsoft, pra que esses teraflops?

  23. Steven Rosenbaum says

    so exciting ! can't wait !

  24. Dillon Mann says

    Glad to see some great exclusives coming to Xbox and Game Pass ?❤

  25. Ernesto David Pintiado Suárez says

    Gears Tactics, Flight Simulator and Battletoads are missing.

  26. Velociraptor Brasileiro says

    This video would be 1000% better if you removed "tell my way", "grounded" and "dusk falls", and put "hellblade 2"

  27. Joel Maldonado says

    Coming soon in 2022 I guess

  28. Phoenix Gaming says

    Just wondering what games your gonna take from the bargain bin for next week

  29. Video Music says

    This games just for Xbox series x or for Xbox one x and Xbox series

  30. Jabir Jabu says

    When i insert my disk it showing installation stopped. Pls help any one☹️

  31. Div says

    If microsoft studios cannot deliver Halo how can i expect them to give good console. Um until now i was xbox fan but i think this time it's worth buying ps5 insted of fake 12TF xbox. It's gimmick. DON'T BUY NEXT XBOX.

  32. L 98 says

    Avowed everwild fable crossfire x outer worlds dlc and destiny 2 dlc and looking forward to the rest of the studios games

  33. Cubillas 0o0 says

    Q poca q xbox cobre por fornite

  34. Braxton Lucas says

    Yep.. all that

  35. Steve D says

    Bye Xbox

  36. Masked Mudkip says

    I don't care fix xbox live gold

  37. Goat says

    Are all games in the video exclusove?

  38. Teste says

    I'm freaking excited about Dragon Quest series coming to Xbox for the first time. Microsoft deserve more credit for that.

  39. MinidingMyFinancialBusiness says

    From console seller to joke meme

  40. •Bananahairline • says
  41. Underwars X says


  42. Douglas Gonzalez says


  43. Mr RpW says

    There are 1.3k ponies watched this video

  44. Tuco says

    Wow this looks so much worse than ps5 ?

  45. Саша Глазырин says


  46. Саша Глазырин says


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