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Xbox Games Showcase July 2020 – Easy Allies Reactions


Xbox has been leading up to this moment to show us what games are in store for Xbox Series X. *Apologies as we were experiencing technical difficulties as Microsoft began. (Streamed July 23, 2020)
0:00 – Pre-Pre-Show
8:46 – Summer Game Fest Pre-Show
22:21 – Dragon Quest XI S
25:30 – Exomecha
38:40 – Watch Dogs Legion
43:28 – Echo Generation
50:42 – Hello Neighbor 2
54:15 – ID@Xbox Lineup
56:45 – Balan Wonderworld
1:09:02 – Xbox Games Showcase Starts / Halo Infinite (Technical Issues)
1:15:25 – Halo Infinite (Technical Issues Solved)
1:21:38 – State of Decay 3
1:25:02 – Forza Motorsport
1:26:07 – Everwild
1:29:14 – Tell Me Why
1:31:21 – Ori and the Will of the Wisps
1:32:48 – The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon
1:34:22 – Grounded
1:36:29 – Avowed
1:38:29 – As Dusk Falls
1:41:12 – Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II
1:42:44 – Psychonauts 2
1:46:27 – Destiny 2: Beyond Light
1:49:07 – STALKER 2
1:50:54 – Warhammer 40,000: Darktide
1:52:25 – Tetris Effect Connected
1:54:08 – The Gunk
1:55:46 – The Medium
1:58:20 – Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis
2:00:21 – CrossfireX Campaign by Remedy
2:02:24 – Games Optimized for Xbox Series X
2:03:15 – Fable
2:06:02 – Post Show
2:11:53 – Halo Infinite Rewatch
2:20:40 – Post Show

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  1. newageoffreedom says

    Halo Infinite has a 10 year life span. They're gonna drip feed us with DLCs, expansion packs, patches, etc. That's their plan. Do not play into their trap. Sea Of Thieves was just a test. If you support this, they'll make you pay for the driving wheel in Forza8.

  2. jason Brown says

    Sony puts alot of love and heart and soul in their product of software.
    Just honesty

  3. jason Brown says

    Just last generation stuff!

  4. MrScrawnjuan says

    Did you guys have a list of games or something? You know most of the games by the very first frames of the trailers it seemed like haha.

  5. hermann La Grange says

    1:34:00 Obsidian and CD Project Red. Kindred spirits.

  6. TJ Janot says

    Holy crap Ben called Playground Games 2 years ago

  7. gilgameshvolante says

    The guy with the green background didn't say a single word for like 3 hours, lol

  8. readysetpanic says

    It's good to see some honest generally positive reactions to the show when there's way too much ridiculous clickbaity console-war influenced "worst ever" hyperbole flying around.

  9. sj4iy says

    Have to wonder how they know what's going on at all talking over each other constantly

  10. TylerNessss says

    Im not sure why Phil gets away being so smug all the time, even throwing some punches.
    Theyve actually be saving up for like 5 years and most of these trailers, where almost teasers… these games look like they are waaaay out.

    And men… Halo did not look well mate. Really not hating on it for the sake of it. https://youtu.be/KnQd6W9BxLg

  11. tommy anderson says

    This just made me want a ps5 even more lol

  12. Pat Gaming says

    Im disappointed in xbox i knew i should've got playstation

  13. Marko25Polo says

    honestly, i was hoping this showcase would give me a reason to go back to xbox. i want a beast console…but these games? nah man. pass.

  14. Pyrosium says

    I mean, isn't the villain of Infinite from Halo Wars 2? So it's not really a "Destiny" ripoff or a "Thanos villain". He is already an established character.

  15. Денис Здоренко says

    if your game made in UE4 you can port game to UE5

  16. Hiroko Takashiro says

    Also fable being back makes me very happy, i can't wait!!!

  17. Hiroko Takashiro says

    Why does halo look like a first gen xbox one game, like i'm not the biggest fan but i still like em but that didn't look good. That had to be xbox one footage and there gonna show the real nextgen version at the next conference.

  18. Davon Lewis says

    I ??want??hellblade ??two??gameplay

  19. Kanti123 says

    Actual Xbox showcase starts at 1:09:34

  20. Timo Doren says

    Xbox REALLY wants you to buy a PS5 huh.

  21. IamJacksColon4 says

    Echo Generation is GOTS for me.

  22. Daniel Flores says

    Watching these guys faces while watching Halo Infishit it's like watching a funeral for a best friend.

  23. Anti-Nihilist says

    Fable "exists"

    Xbox 5 years ago: ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT? O_O

  24. AWeebPilot WithNoLife says

    If I hear one more Streamer call STALKER as Metro, I'm throwing some random Loner into the Bloodsucker den.

  25. Kevin Opalenik says

    Keeping the stream it where it is should always be the best option in these times. Given the number of people watching streams because people aren’t working on top of those who already would have been watching.

  26. Django702 says

    I know I'm watching this hoping to recapture the magic from past E3's, but you guys IMMEDIATELY guessing almost every game, despite how obscure it is, within 3-5 seconds of the start of the trailer kind of kills it for me. Maybe you guys have just become way too good at your job, or these conferences/trailers are way too predictable now?

  27. Big John says

    X Box Series Sucks

  28. cptawesome says

    This was…yikes….

  29. wazman77show says

    I would totally recruit the allies in watch dogs legion if I could. Huber make it happen wish the allies into watchdogs legion lol.

  30. kephalai says

    maybe get someone else to host the stream next time guys

  31. Sanza Bear says

    41:23 Thanks Geoff I was really curious what that idiot millionaire Ninja thinks of the new Halo…thanks…

  32. Pedro Guimaraes says

    On the Halo trailer…Moments like this is when Kyle would say: "I dont know guys, this is a ugly game, can't you see the outdated textures, the popups. Don't you think this is wrong to promote a new 12 teraflop console?"
    He was the brains of the group, and when he said things like this, he used to make the allies think, now they are just a bunch of sony fanboys on sony games, microsoft fanboys on microsoft games and nintendo fanboys on nintendo games. The allies were already like this but Kyle was the soul that allowed their eyes to look at things with critique.
    Im 40yo, i was with gametrailers from the start, watching invisible walls with shane as host. And now im just slowly drifting away.

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