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WOW!!! Strange Coconut Trees Bonsai – Amazing Agriculture Technology


WOW!!! Strange Coconut Trees Bonsai

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  1. veasna ពលទឹកចិត្ត says


  2. Mukundan Pillai G says

    Salute to modern agri…… technology !!!!amazing.

  3. Kosal Mao says

    Lier. Unbelievable

  4. Akhil_S_ 159 says
  5. V J says

    What country is this taken?

  6. World of Bonsai says

    Very good video

  7. Mohammed Shahid says


  8. thạch xua says


  9. Dwe Asfiana says

    Keren habis

  10. jaminalem th says

    J aime buste les coconuts bonzai

  11. Agus Armaini says


  12. Lindy Lao says

    Where can we buy seedlings

  13. friuli and says

    Haha.. Edit pic semua… Kasian yg nonton hahaaa

  14. Bhabani Das says

    What variety of coconut is this ?

  15. Kedarnath Das says

    Awsome trees

  16. pledoi tv says


  17. Sanghamitra Debnath says

    Mujhe coconut tree kharid na hai. Appka address milega.

  18. naim mun channel says

    jos bos ,minta supotnya jg like sabcrebnya jg

  19. kleen kitchen says


  20. Hasan 90rafa says


  21. alex milien says

    Waw super

  22. Aji Rahmawati says

    Bisa Ya Di Buat Seperti Itu…

  23. Thi hoang Nguyen says

    Ở VN sao mà bình luận tiếng nước ngoài ko hả

  24. Thi hoang Nguyen says

    Có đúng như hình ảnh ko vậy trời
    Hay bé ghép đó là

  25. Sk Samim says

    ইউটুবার পাগল

  26. Vikramaditya Varma says

    There are not real please try hard work don't cheated on viewers ok

  27. Merlyn Milana says

    Among fertilizer Pam padaming bunga ng niyog

  28. madan gurung says

    Background music after 3 mins can u name it pla..

  29. Shashi Kumar says


  30. Anabelle adanza says

    only picture, can't believe it

  31. godly ANT says

    Now am gonna go buy and plant bonsaid coconuts

  32. Jorum Abirin says

    Wow nutrition month ang datingan

  33. Mambena Karpas74 says


  34. Nisa Asus says


  35. MaryRose Nacion says

    Amazing very nice

  36. My balcony Garden Nature says

    Stop fooling people..ur plant is a sick plants..cause diseases and now u re causing disease called fooling people..

  37. KJ JAYA.Chanel says


  38. Yany Cafe says

    Ano et himoana hehe

  39. Krishnan Aiyanakutty says

    World will not believe China any more after this Corona products. They are misusing the world with technology and after succeeded with technology, that technician will be killed by Chinese govt to avoid getting secret leaked to world.

  40. prameeth g says

    Be honest??

  41. Jogendra Das says

    Is it true

  42. Nimal Nimal says

    Good adieu.

  43. Oliver Ortiz says

    lol hahaha

  44. Rowell Deocares says

    San ung nyog na namunga ng saging? Yon pa nman inaabangan ko!

  45. Ramesh Ram says

    What that coconut art is called can anyone know tell me

  46. Spencer PhilippineDream says

    CLICKBATE. this is fake. grafting isnt usually successful for plants in different families, let alone different Orders (Species, Genus, Family, Order, Kingdom). banana "trees" only produce one bunch of bananas and then die, AND ARENT EVEN TREES.

  47. Moimoii Airawn says

    Multi coconut?

  48. Erik de Jesus Urquilla Gomez says

    Me gusta

  49. Gutalac ZN Bonsai Maker says

    amazing trees,. i love it

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