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Worst Dropped Catches in Cricket | Most Shocking Drop Catches


Joe Denly dropped a catch against New Zealand and Jofra Arhcer’s reaction was hilarious. It’s being dubbed as the one of the worst drop catches in Test Cricket history. So, here are some other shocking and funny dropped catches in Cricket history.
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  1. Daniel Lakshan says

    Rahath ali's dropped catch in 2015 world cup was the worst. If he could catch it Pakistan would have made one of the greatest matches ever in Cricket history. And I am not Pakistani I am a Sri Lankan.

  2. vasanth k says

    Fourth one was amazing.

  3. humesy69 says

    3.43 Duper's delight. Can't hide it when the fix comes good. Shameful

  4. yuv raj says

    U missed kamran akmal if u include him all catches will be from…???

  5. Shayan Sikander says

    The video is incomplete without Kamran Akmal

  6. Munna Jutt says

    Pakistan is one of the worst fielding side with best pace attack

  7. s rathwa says

    Art – catch drop
    Artist – Pakistani players

  8. Mutyala Sankararao says

    Best drop catch goes to shoib malik..

  9. trade hubbox says

    8.57 bookie prize.

  10. David Almeida says

    90's and 2000 cricket was best

  11. Aman Malhotra says

    salman butt don't even know how to act while deliberately putting down a catch. As they say it takes brains to even cheat. Fixerrrr!!!

  12. Abdul Wahab says


  13. A P says

    Murgi pakado bhosadiwalo

  14. rao sahab says

    England is the winner in this video , unfortunately they beat Pakistan ???

  15. Pupun ROCK says

    Pakistan chutiya h sb match fixed tha

  16. Bob Page says

    Skiers and slip catches should be excluded. They can always be tricky. The wind tends to move skiers and slip catches come on so fast. At least; that is my excuse for some I dropped

  17. chintan panndya says

    NO Indians Strange

  18. Ashish Mishra says
  19. Subham Basak says

    4:02 When you don't get paid enough for the job you do

  20. Abdullah Rashid says
  21. Hafsa Fatma says

    Dropping catches is also entertaining?

  22. Jay Flora Music says

    4:00 is Diamond, not just gold

  23. sai krishna gaddam says

    And best award goes to Salman buttt

  24. Vinayak Sutar says

    No one can beat Mike hussy ?

  25. Tabla Lover says

    Tony Greig oh it's up in the air its a lollypop Waugh won't drop it he does.
    It's in the air Bevan won't drop it he does too. Commentators curse lol

  26. Running Rabbit says

    All are fixers ??

  27. shahbaz ahmed says

    Tony Graig: “Waugh won’t drop this. No way in the world”

    Waugh: " hold my beer"

  28. I Love English says

    5:09 wrong it was not a mis chance
    he did not See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZMXaskfd7c

  29. I Love English says

    3:24, Yousuf _ He needs 5 time prayers not cricket https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZMXaskfd7c

  30. I Love English says

    Drop Catches, You might make 100 videos on Just Pakistan
    Arm Force lover please click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZMXaskfd7c

  31. Srijan Biswas says

    chutiya fielding

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