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World's Most Expensive Mango – Awesome Japan Agriculture Technology Farm


Miyazaki Mangoes have a red and vibrant skin with yellow spots speckled over the fruit. The flesh is orange in colour and tender filled with strong mango aroma. The farmers in Miyazaki will place a net under each mango. While the mangoes are naturally ripped, they will fall into the net.

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  1. Daucy Allen says

    I like how could we get the plant to buy u can put your number we can call and get infamation

  2. SajidTV says

    wow, amazing

  3. xiyong lama says

    I used this method and I got perfect fruits thanks

  4. hole hole jindagi Nepal says

    Nepal ma Ni yestai huna paryo..

  5. oliver manusig says

    kakaebang agriculture

  6. Nagaraju Malla says

    Super mango

  7. Organic &Medicinal herbs farm #Raising says

    I have lots of plants in my farm, but couldn’t know their names, I have tried in google too.
    Can anyone help…

  8. Jaswant Singh says


  9. Syifa Channel says

    Good vedio

  10. jaknap1 says

    This same mango grows in India and is 1/10 the price. Just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean that it is better. Indian mangoes are the sweetest in the world. There is no second.

  11. choco world by shamla says


  12. Joseph Dedominicis says

    It's a mango. We eat those here.

  13. Ideas Life says

    ملتانی چونسہ رس بھرا آم گیارہ سو میں دس کلو ، پاکستان بھر میں آپ کے گھر تک۔ جاز کیش کریں یا کال کریں 03007315536

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  15. Bunny Stories Book says

    All over Pakistan RS 1100 for 10 kg at your door step, special chonsa mango MULTANI jazzcash 03007315536

  16. Mizoram Social Welfare says

    They look tasty

  17. kanwaljit singh brar says

    In india season 1 $ we get approx 2 kgs

  18. kanwaljit singh brar says

    King of fruits , more variety the better. India has 200 varieties

  19. Mind Speaks says

    i live in thailand and tried all fruits imported from japan. they all taste good. their apple, grape,, strawberry, cherry etc are quality. but i never tried mangoes before.

  20. Khalisa Rayyani says


  21. Salam Salam says


  22. NandaKumar P says

    This is just playing with your psyche. There will be no difference in the content of the Mango,unless pesticide is used . Taste wise tropical country mangoes are best .

  23. محمد مزوقة says

    ابخىت قفث بفاع بحبك

  24. JAMIL VIDEO TV says

    খুব ভালো হয়েছে

  25. Akarsh Tiwari says

    Mango jaha Indian waha

  26. Sohail Parvaiz says

    We Pakistani are proud of our Mangoes. Chaunsa and Anwar Ratol are the best we have Known. Its exported through out the world. Canada, UK, USA, UAE and the list goes on. Japanese technology is really amazing. Good to see that.

  27. GGbro says

    I can’t believe it wasn’t from Tahiti

  28. Karuneegar Elixir Epitome says


  29. pallu b says

    Can we shop this breed of mango

  30. GUTS TO EAT VLOG says

    bro ?

  31. jalan populer says

    I like vudeo

  32. Pankaj Goswmai Pankaj Goswmai says

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  33. Pankaj Goswmai Pankaj Goswmai says


  34. beauty and cooking a says

    नाइस मैंगो

  35. Komal Khemani says

    V food

  36. UVS Channel says

    Wow I like to eat mango too

  37. Jaya Jayavalli says

    Japan Oru Corona virus

  38. Samina VloGs says

    Mere channel ko subscribe Karen video ko share aur like

  39. Nowaj Khan says

    Mango nem

  40. Md: Jahangir Alam Sourav says

    Hi may dear frents, you meajaki maggo havi niece

  41. yoga my life says

    ?❤️❤️? wow wow wow

  42. Ashok Mishra says

    I need this

  43. Sajith Thaivalappil says

    Can I get a seed

  44. A Kr says

    Moangos originated from india thats wy we have around 2000 varieties of mangoes.
    These red mangoes are called sinduri aam in india….and are avg priced…not too much costly.
    Look wise these mangoes are great but taste wise it is avg.
    Langda maldah, jardalu, aamrpali, dashari….are among the tasty variety

  45. Malaga says

    I love mango, semoga saja bisa punya kebun seperti ini. Amin

  46. Ann Noreiga says

    Trinidad we have these mangoes wasting

  47. Binton Tampubolon says

    Nice bro ???

  48. Anupam Agarwal says

    भारत में भी फल की खेती हो

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