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India take on New Zealand in the Benson & Hedges World Series Cup played at the Gabba in Brisbane on the 21st December 1981. Another classic encounter. Yograj Singh made his ODI Debut and India made 204 in 48.5 overs largely thanks to a blistering 75 from the great Kapil Dev. And how good was Dilip Doshi in this series?! Outstanding. Can New Zealand chase India’s total down? CLASSIC CRICKET FROM THE ARCHIVES! OVER 50 MINUTES of great footage!

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  1. P MS says

    Kapil dev is bowling with a different action. The action is almost like a mix of Richard Hadlee and Madan Lal's action in this one

  2. iqbal different channel says

    nepotism. Love❤ yograj singh

  3. Horner Mike says

    I don't get it why Yugraj quit cricket so early?

  4. Anuja Bal says

    Thanks for uploading remembering old memories of hon kardon ghavari

  5. rahul rishi says

    Yograj Singh deserve much more chances but unfortunately he couldn't get that was the brutal murder of a highly talented speed star in the mid 80s India was lacking in pace bowling he deserve to play much more cricket his talent gone in vain very unfortunate

  6. Satnam Singh says


  7. Funtus R20 says

    On those days bombay players hostage wholes india cricket thats why yograj out from team soon

  8. Tiwana Farm says

    36:00 min yograj singh come

  9. IS Dhiman says

    Photography vvgood never saw,,,, try series vvvvgood

  10. Nagarajan R says

    For the current young generation ,it will be surprised that cricket can so calmn , simple and mostly quite. Do unwanted emotional outburst and over hyped celebration after wicket or century.

  11. Vikas Rao says

    Who says India was unable to produce fast bowlers look at ghavri and yograj really were speedster

  12. Davinder Pal says

    English comentary dena kya jaroori hai jab ke awaaz achi aa rehi hai comentary ki yeh thoda bakwas lagta hai

  13. Nilesh Parab says

    purani team me except kapil dev nobody was fit in one day format socho last 2 over me sirf 4 run abhi hua hota to puri team replace kar dete sab aalsi the

  14. kamran khan says

    trisports, where has your highest viewed upload gone? wcc final had more than 310000 views today.

  15. SOUMYA DIPTA DE says

    In 1981 there was coloured jerseys….then how come 1983 wc was in white clothing?

  16. mysonyxperia says

    Yograj Singh About this soundpronunciation (help·info) (born 25 March 1958). He is a former Indian cricketer who played only one Test and six ODIs for India as a right-arm fast-medium bowler. His debut Test was at Wellington against New Zealand which India lost by 62 runs.[1] After his career was ended by injury, he entered Punjabi cinema. His son Yuvraj Singh had been a member of the Indian cricket team from 2000 to 2019. Yograj hails from the village of Kanech, right next to Doraha, in Ludhiana District of Punjab.

  17. mysonyxperia says

    Is he father of yuvraj Singh

  18. Sanjay Bharti says

    Speed doesn't matter .my view about the yograj is not good .He has speed only but not line and length .I like Pak bowlers or Australian bowler both has speed and line and length too

  19. kamran khan says

    39 years did not fade the colour of this recording! as if this tape remained hidden in deep dark vault in earth.

  20. kamran khan says

    16:17 hillarious ???

  21. kalashviv says

    Yograj Singh, bowled well till his penultimate over!….but he was far better and quicker than some famous trundlers India had later!!!….exciting match….nice to see Dilip Doshi too!…but he was not a such a fine fielder, dropped Jeremy Coney, Lol!

  22. Suman Mishra says

    Wow ..how low benchmarks were then for fielding and wicket keeping

  23. Ajit Mahapatra says

    Lance Cairns gives the impression that Chris cairns is playing.same style, same stance. Same appearance, as Chris is his son

  24. Sri Iyer says

    Yograj was faster than Ghavri. He could have become a deadly bowler, had he developed some variations, in-cutter, out cutter, yorker etc.

  25. Spartacus Singh says

    Yograj Singh deserved more chances. If he is aggrieved about this then he is right. My guess he bowled around 125 – 130 kmh. Kapil was 130-135 kmh.

  26. Jayesh Kalse says

    old is gold

  27. Roopjinder Singh says

    36:16 you can see Yograj bowling.

  28. Santosh Miriyala says

    Lance cairns looks like a twin of chris cairns..so much resemblance crazy !

  29. jagga jatt says

    Jatt yograj singh best bowler

  30. C K SINGH says

    Kon yograj wahi bewda hai kya jo gali deta rahta hai.. Or putra moh me andha hai..

  31. Whitehill Pl says

    36:20 Yograj on balling

  32. Pringal Pringal says

    29:30 brilliant catch by Mr yograj singh

  33. Subramanian Venkatraman says

    gauri, yograj and Kapil three quality fast bowlers were use this tournament. India may be lost this tri series tournament. After 1981 india also introduce three fast bowlers combination. World cricket nations was think Indian bowling is only one fast bowler Kapil two ordinary military medium bowling like Sandeep or madan lal or Mohinder another one spinner. This type of combination entirly change the Indian cricket introduce three fast bowling was workout at 1983 produntial world cup and india clinch the produntial cup three fast bowlers Kapil, binny, Balvinder Singh Sandhu and fastest off spinner madan lal???? in place of deleep Doshi and military medium pace Mohinder workout to clinch the great produntial world cup it was shock to the all cricketing nations.
    Superlative match.

  34. S P says

    Yograj was predictable with leg stump line. His penultimate over cost India the match and also mindless running by tailenders giving extra over t NZ

  35. Tech and More with Ganesh says

    It seems that he had attitude from first match may be overconfident

  36. Kanchan Sharma says

    Yograj Singh seemed quickest of the lot…deserved more chances

  37. deputy sheriff says

    T.E.Shekhar was India's quickest bowler at that time but he was never given his due!

  38. Zahid Shakeel says


  39. Muninder Bhardwaj says

    Yograj needed more opportunities

  40. Mohoshin uddin Ahmed says

    Yograj Singh was selected for the tour not by any prior bowling performance but mainly through the belief that he was Kapil Dev’s buddy ( since Chandigarh days) . He could not deliver and hence thrown out .

  41. Vivek Narang विवेक नारंग says

    योगराज जी ने अपने इंटरव्यू में बताया था की मेरा यार कपिल मेरे टीम में आने से ख़ुश नहीं था।जान बूझकर एक नए प्लेयर से अंतिम ओवर करवाए गए ताकि पनप न जाए।

  42. Vivek Narang विवेक नारंग says

    कपिल की आँख का कांटा थे योगराज जी इसीलिए इस बेहतरीन बॉलर को क़भी दोबारा नहीं लिया गया।ख़ैर योगराज जी ने युवराज़ के माध्यम से अपना सपना पूरा किया।

  43. Sandeep Rupta says


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