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World Ingenious Harvesting Technology, Amazing Agriculture Machines


World Ingenious Harvesting Technology, Amazing Agriculture Machines
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  1. Nurlaili Nur says

    Subhanallah pepaya engkau beri buah se BYK2nya .tanda ksh engkau kpd umatnya .tp sdkit yg ber sukur. SMG Sayang engkau dia dpat kan jg di Chirat amin

  2. Sathyanarayanan J says


  3. El Lorenzo says

    Just wondering, what if robot are doing farming like you do, or perhaps doing technology like vertical farming, that would create unlimited food supplies, and food prices will become cheaper, or free. What will happen to people once food become free?

  4. Petani Pontianak kalbar Petani says

    Mantap coi.

  5. UVS Channel says

    Very good

  6. petani chanel says

    Wooww amayzing

  7. Dheeraj kumar says

    Wich is varity

  8. BuaH cantik TV says

    wow canggih bener mantap

  9. شجرة الدر العالية says

    ماشاء الله جميل منظر الشجرة
    هذه الثمار لاتوجد في بلدنا
    الله يبارك لكم

  10. George Calafet says

    El campo nos da todo lo que necesitamos.

  11. Khumaidi MP says

    Amazing great. Thanks for video

  12. Florita Datuin says

    The fruits of labor!

  13. Angéla Elizabet Fodor says

    Isten Ajándéka az Inteligens gondolkodás Ezert a munka kőnyitesert és anagyhozamu termésert Ne Feled kis óvodások iskolasokat néha megajandekozni ebédnél ismerjék meg gyümőlcsöt és technológiákat idővel lesz munkaerőt{k a föld gazdaságban. Szeretetel tanicsatók itt ovi program is szőlő ismeret Engyi Ewanghelina

  14. Vivo 123 n says

    Wao ngeri rasa pepaya yang ini low waru orenge paru green Jin…Bikin rujak…Nano it? coba aku .

  15. Nikini yenara says

    so good and nice

  16. Bung Mancing says

    Jangan Lupa Tonton juga Video amncing lainnya di Channel kami…

  17. Niyonzima Jean Bosco says

    Good job

  18. Sahid-Al-Boukari Mohajatak Mohammad Ahsan Habib says


  19. Sahid-Al-Boukari Mohajatak Mohammad Ahsan Habib says

    POSITIVE VIEWERS rhythm sounding nation ………………………. SAFETY FOR AMIN ULLAH

  20. usman samosir samosir says

    Indonesia juga bisah… maculll ampe 5 hr.. hahahahaha .

  21. Riya Patel says

    No natural ripening , they put on some solution on it

  22. Mas Doel says

    Nice banana ????

  23. syukron ma'mun says

    Indonesia yg mayoritas tanah luas gini cocok gak perlu impor tailan bisa jadi lapangan kerja

  24. Grape Ape says

    The Mexican are good pickers, but terrible at videoing. 5:40

  25. Elizabeth Villarde says

    Amazing great and wonderful specialy the harvester machine of tomatoe.

  26. Abo thamer Almadhrif says

    اللهم صل و سلم على محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين اللهم اغفر لي ولوالدي وللمسلمين والمسلمات الاحياء منهم والاموات أللهم نعوذ بك من البرص والجذام والجنون ومن سيئ الاسقام انا وأهلي واحبابي والمسلمين والمسلمات

  27. Sambhunath Mahanta says

    A paid kahan milega

  28. petualang channel says

    Petani sukses kl begini….

  29. Ummi Nabil says

    Good job?

  30. Fida hussain says


  31. Abdollah banihashem says

    you can watch my beautiful channel thanks ???❤️❤️ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTQxoTlvZjA&t=230s

  32. امير دمشقي says

    ما شاء الله تبارك الله

  33. هاني الهلالى وامونه says

    تم أنا جديد عندك اتمنى تنورنى

  34. Seputar Pertanian says

    Wah canggih. Mampir juga ke channel sya

  35. Sinhala Remix Zone says

    great content should have more views!

  36. التنمية الزراعية agericeultaure says

    hard jobs

  37. Roushan Kumar says

    Thank you??

  38. Manidham Vazhga says

    where I can buy this papaya seeds ?

  39. D construction 010949404 says

    so work hard brother

  40. B.Family House says

    Hello my friend

    Good Day

    nice to meet you

    I will watch the video well

    Come play once ^^

    like ?

  41. منوعات حسوني حسوني سبحان الخالق says

    سبحان الله

  42. Gendy Lim says

    Pepaya nya bisa berbuah sebanyak ini

  43. Werede Yigzaw says

    Wonderful agriculture &Technology

  44. Md Touhid says

    ভাই এই পেপার চাড়া গুলো আপনাদের কাছে পাও যাবে

  45. a sabri mujahid says

    Respect those hard working peoples

  46. kemala putri says

    Is it copycat from Noal Farm Channel??

  47. Rob Cocco says

    I feel like the point of this video is, there are too many people on the planet.

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