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World Cup Cricket 1996 India Pakistan


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  1. Sujeet Kumar says

    Bap bap hota h beta

  2. Pritish Sonawane says

    Indian bowling unit with all south indians proud of them…

  3. anil chugh says

    Goli nahi maari ,,,aamir sohail ki keh k leli

  4. Lavanya Reddy says

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  5. Ticca Tank says

    Moral of the story. All your ego can be blasted away with one good ball.

  6. Rajesh Waran says

    Surprise wasim akram not in Pakistan squad

  7. saikrishna mangalampalli says

    orey AAmiru dhula theerindha…

  8. VIMAL AHUJA says

    i was there in that crowd too at beml stand i am 50 now

  9. Mithu Roy says

    Raju's face after Latif dismissal has become cult momement of Indian cricket

  10. harish ramaiah says

    There are so many good shots which would have been boundaries instead of out in these times 😀 😉 and these stupid changed rules

  11. Avalyn Kiyam says

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  12. Lee Bapui says

    Y was dada not playing here

  13. manjit panghal says

    Super जडेजा

  14. Maqbool Fida says

    I came here after the SC verdict on Ayodhya… this is one of the many similar victories where Hindu India has sent islamist jihadis to jahanoom 🙂


    I am 4 year old that time but
    today i am very happy to see india win
    I love indian team support always
    Win india win always

  16. majeedabdul09 says

    I was in high school, now I'm missing those days. I saw on our TV

  17. Debadrit Roy says

    The current prime minister of Pakistan was commentator when Venkatesh Prasad dismissed Aamir Sohail, voice se to aisa hi lagta hai

  18. Gaurav says

    Karizma of sachin- when he went out whole stadium was silent

  19. Madhusudhan Rao says

    Manjrekar never played for india to win a game, what a waste of career , Kumble was ? better batsmen than Manjrekar

  20. WICK 亗D says

    17:16 – Edge and ball goes in 3rd slip and Inzy is like let's pretend it's not an edge.

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