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Workplace Mental Health – all you need to know (for now) | Tom Oxley | TEDxNorwichED


Is Mental Health important​ in the workplace? Tom explores all things related to workplace mental health, including mental health in school workplaces, in this insightful video. Tom helps employers figure out mental health at work. He reviews workplaces, trains managers and writes plans.
Since 2012 he has interviewed more than 130 people, surveyed thousands and worked across the UK with corporations, civil service, charities, the public sector, schools and small business. Tom has worked with national mental health charities Mind and Time to Change and consults widely across the UK. He lives in Norfolk and is mildly obsessed with cricket and camping.

He runs Bamboo Mental Health, an organisation dedicated to improving how employers support their people on mental health. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  1. Adrian Adcock says

    Yes but what happens when your employer doesn't believe in mental health and when you do speak to them the tell all the staff. They make me feel like I'm using mental health as an excuse, I am a kind person but inside I feel like exploding also struggle with addiction which they are aware of and my employers and work colleagues would be fuming with me. List goes on

  2. Bruno Sarago says

    Hey people,

    Me and my friend are passionate of helping people to improve their lives.

    We developed an ebook of how to manage workplace stress. It's totally free.

    Just need your e-mail and we send it for you.


  3. Dr. Erika Garms says

    Workplace bullying and other sorts of what I call "work hurts" are rampant in workplaces. It's awful. Finally, there is an upward trend in awareness about this issue and better information about what individuals and organizations can and should do in response.

  4. Mitch Loy says

    Anyone know what American companies, if any, follow Tom's advice?

  5. Laura Miller [Maintenance] says

    Completed video.

  6. Laura Miller [Maintenance] says

    I believe accessing the required videos 'while off 'from work' due to a global virus' to be mentally challenging. The assigned videos are very interesting and provide challenge; however, the path to find the required material provides a great deal of difficulty and frustration. For example: I have spent most of the day trying to access the videos for Week 3. My supervisor sent two links to find this information; however, after accessing this information, clicking on the required links , I was met with "NO ACCESS". Do I have a 'virus' or what? This type of frustration can cause a ' mental breakdown' i.e. living in this computerized world in the middle of a globalized heath epidemic without technical support because we are to stay 'six feet' apart is more than aggravating.

  7. Snrub says

    Am I the only one thinking that if I actually brought this issue up to my employer, I would be laughed at or maligned?

  8. Smriti Tikoo says


  9. 〈easy〉coding says

    Couldn't agree more. Shame the people who SHOULD hear this will never do so.

  10. YouBoca Raawr says

    Work at home or sell items . No need to go work for people

  11. shaheer hassan says

    I am here because I feel A lot stress at work.

  12. DinnerBells says

    Just had the worst shift of my current job today, and fortunately I have a management I was able to talk to. Let's see if that matters.

  13. DS says

    If I didn't have a son I would turn into a monk and get the @uck out of this world.

  14. Denise Raymond-Yslas says

    I feel like the only person at work that has issues I constantly feel like I need to fill a role that I can't mentally achieve.

  15. Chris Labrie says

    The worlds is becoming faster, but in trades the work is almost the same now than it was 30 years ago. With the exception of some new types of tools. People expect things done faster, and with the same quality. The world expects quality and speed, and this is what stresses out a contractor. Speaking from experience here, If someone wants a job done that should take a week in a few days. Their will be a rush and that in turn takes a toll on quality. Give that contractor that full time and he will be able to provide a better quality product as well as a better attitude toward the job. We arn't machines, we are human.

  16. Ari J says

    5-minute Prayers for Workplace conflict works.

  17. Gerçek Aşk says

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  18. Nubian Empress says

    How can I reach Tom ?

  19. Tak Cheng Sze says

    I quit the corporate world for the sake of my mental health. It is a waste of time to deal with toxic boss and colleagues. I do a lot of freelance job, tutoring, web development, online business, flipping houses. It can be done.

  20. BLACK.LIKE. ME says

    I am here because I am having anxiety at my work place… power hungry owners, have no apathy for their underpaid, over worked employees.

  21. S F says

    Nice talk . It is NOT about the days off and weekends..But the trust and communication and support at work

  22. Andree Rowden says

    Leaders/Managers. Managers get trained CEO’s get trained to understand your responsibility to your managers – be prepared to move through your company on all levels. Not sit in your plush office. Managers on all levels know when to listen with intent, know when to “shut up”. Teach employees how to have a conversation as much as lifting a box is important. Give your employee permission to speak and employer allow that employee feel safe. I worked for a large telco company in a 24 hour call centre environment – the pressure to perform to achieve expected KPI’s was overwhelming – having come from a family business background going back generations,I found not only our up line managers had to meet their KPI’s as did every up line manager to the CEO as share holders were screaming out for more $’s. Even some of my work colleagues were cut throat with the way the managed to meet the KPI’s they would slag employees who actually gave a damn about the customer. I spent many hours staying back after work in my own time at odd hours to complete notes, finish off commitments I’d made to customers. I was offered counselling through a government agency the company paid for. Back in the work place everything remained the same. It was totally down to me to get control or leave. So I left 2 years before my 10 years had come around. I folded under the pressure. I take full responsibility for caving in – I affected not only myself but my children, my sibling relationships…I was ready to walk out in front of a car, I was so anxious as I continued this same style of work practice in our family business…thinking the pressure would be less. Nobody nobody!!! Not doctors, family, employers, employees ever once said they thought something else was wrong. Just get on with your job.

    I had one brother I worked who knew something didn’t add up. He encouraged me to seek help. I suspect they all (including friends) thought I was have mental health problems. I went to Life Line to learn some coping strategies, budgeting strategies…That was in 2006 – In 2008 after leaving the family business…I moved to a similar business going from the frying pan into the fire. That business was disorganised and an open office environment with noise noise noise. Everyone had to be responsible for their own job as well as answering phone calls or walk in enquiries if reception were busy. Chaotic to say the least. It was later that year in 2008, I was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour. I would have thought that would have been the end of it but my children, some siblings, friends, basically couldn’t cope so they walked away. Easier to bury their heads in the sand than hold my hand through it all. At that time I was truly unhappy with the lack of support from those people but now after 11 yrs have come to understand why. Those same people still stand back as they’re now busy with their own careers pressures, family, marriages, health challenges… it’s taken me a long time to let go and lower my expectations – but thanks to my mum and my brother for constantly standing by me even through their challenges. My mum helped me through – put up with my challenges, pushed me along, told me off etc…now I’m helping her through her challenging health changes at 80 yrs of age. Thank you for this Ted Talk – I hope owners of businesses etc listen to this important Ted Talk; learn how to put some of this into practice. Hey there will always be employees in any business that try to pump/blame the business for all their personal problems. So we as individual employees if were true to ourselves if we truly want to work for a company then you be the one rob speak to you business owner, perhaps drop some info in their in tray with a follow up note to make an appointment to discuss further. Be kind to your manager because this may be challenging for them. They might need time to consume the info . Let them take the lead on seeking support. Nothing like a boss who thinks she or he came up with the idea. Be humble and quiet with your revelation.

  23. thisisbob1001 says

    Employers don't have a clue!

  24. Forza223 Bowe says

    I hate the word going forward at work

  25. Brian Chen says

    Coming from personal experience, I totally agree.

    To send people straight to doctor and give them long day offs often doesn’t help.

    Have sincere talk with the employees, let them feel safe talking about the problem, and maybe discuss what could change, often serves better.

    A lot of time employees just need to safe place to discuss. Locking themselves in the brain is the fastest way to depression and lost of human asset.

  26. well being says

    Most employers are profit robots with a total disregard to someone's mental/physical health!..they don't like the mental health subject, because it challenges the ethos of using people for their own ends!.

  27. WizzardOfPaws says

    Liars, backstabbers, tattletales, overworked underpaid, it's a miracle anyone survives to retire.

  28. Ali Dashti says

    Amazing lecture especially at 8:39 be the manger that you want to have <3

  29. Russell Warrick says

    The problem is that the first resort is always to fix the person when the correct way is to fix the environment. It all comes back to money and profits. If the world was less obsessed with money and growth the issues would disappear. But given that's a little unrealistic the next approach is for management to provide a better environment, not tell employees how to deal with stress. Fix the cause, not the symptom.

  30. salv236 says

    a great tedex i have been a victim of mental health within the workplace and it was caused by management bullies something that the tedx failed to discuss.

  31. Tearosegirl says

    I really enjoyed this, thank you

  32. Dave Hole says

    roughly 15% of the UKs labour force is selfemployed. I work in construction as a selfemployed carpenter. I'm working for less money now than I was 18 years ago doing the same work, there is no sign of a pay rise, we dont take time off for sickness wether mental or physical, purely because if we dont work, we dont get paid….I get stressed at work because I have to work harder and faster to maintain the same income I need year after year or do longer hours and miss out on family life…..ironically the HSE are a contributing factor to my stress as they implement working practises that often go against a common sense aproach to building and safety during building. The large builders I work for are all the same when it comes to building in that they MUST make their huge profit targets and more often than not rather than cutting back on waste they will reduce, freeze or hold back payment. last year I was stopped £1100 for no reason at all aswel as being layed off for three weeks whilst waiting for our site to pick up…I never received my payment and had to find work elsewhere and start the stress cycle all over again…. Ask anyone on site what stresses them out most and they'll probably say money…this talk like many others seems to be aimed at the individual employee and how they can handle the stressful situation they find themselves in…I would say that the problem lies in the employer and it is they that need to be held to account….some questions and situations are just too big and awkward to handle alone ….shame there isn't a union you could call for each situation you find yourself in so that they could handle the problem leaving you to just do your job, and go home to your family and switch off from work….THE END.

  33. My Nontraditional Life says

    What if the stress is from the job itself, not something external like a parent dying?

  34. Rj says

    This video is absolutely brilliant.

  35. Lavina Joyce says

    ? good one

  36. Shavonne Inniss says

    So little likes and comments. Why?

    I agree, Mental health discussions and support is lacking in the workplace and I’m speaking from personal experience. I’m working to change this in my environment and hope that it becomes an ongoing trend.

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