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Working LEGO Computer Keyboard


This is my latest project, a working computer keyboard custom built using LEGO pieces. The internal sensor pad and circuit board were taken from an old generic computer keyboard.

More information can be found on my website:

Music: Whistling Down the Road – Silent Partner

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Thanks for watching!


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  1. Plopi 96 says

    That's awesome

  2. PREY CORD says


  3. Cuc Nguyen says


  4. clowny HD says

    Hold up… THATS ILLEGAL!

  5. Jeremy Terrazas says

    alguien en español :'v

  6. JustPizza says


  7. CrxptixBlox says

    I know I am a little (very) late but maybe submit it to Lego ideas? Probably with a link to where you can get a keyboard circuit board.

  8. Clair Jempson says

    I want one

  9. GD TNT sheep says

    Windows 8 was out back then and he was using windows 98 or 7 skinned to look like 98

  10. BlackFoVN says

    When you keyboard broke:

  11. Col_Weab987 YT says

    This is amazing

  12. MegaGame YT says

    Im on 2020 yey

  13. ItsSupergm9011help says

    My keyboards weird I use the circuit pads as my key board because I memorized the whole keyboard.

  14. 12 76 says

    thats one ancient artifact

  15. Carl Nueva says

    Naughty kids who likes to switch keys on the keyboard: Nice job!

  16. Carl Nueva says

    This one deserves to be a Lego Kit! 😀

  17. MonkeyMax says

    0:38 my fav

  18. blakeamazing12! says

    i would love to game using that

  19. DE VA says

    Where the hell you get the parts when its not a set?

  20. V3RT Z says

    Play minecraft with that keyboard and lego mouse ?

  21. David Garcia says


  22. LaserDisc says

    most fragile keyboard ever haha! i would be really scared to use it

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