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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Roundtable: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig & More | Entertainment Weekly


Watch director Patty Jenkins and castmates Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Pedro Pascal, and Kristen Wiig giggle and love each other for 12 minutes.
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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Roundtable: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig & More | Entertainment Weekly

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  1. MasterDoom4 says

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  2. Yash says

    Huh they made WW outfit colorful. Must be freaking WB execs again. It was dark and serious in the first one. Or maybe it's 1980s color.

  3. Christopher Mooyer says

    Very entertaining! They’re all so great…..and you can really feel the chemistry between all of them . You know it’s going to be an awesome film. Even if Wonder Woman 3 takes place in the present or future, I hope the have flashbacks to show us more of her origins, especially in regards to zeus and the other greek gods (Artemis, Athena, Hestia etc)

  4. Naam Tao says

    The best smile : Gal Gadot…..!!!

  5. Pula Ancanan says

    I can't stop picturing Gal Gadot dancing to that 80s disco music with all the loose garments and colors.

  6. Kriste Andrea Tujague says

    Jams 💕
    Oh yeah. Loved them.

  7. Kriste Andrea Tujague says

    Hurry up October 2nd. 💕

  8. Karyn Taylor says

    Its better not to know. Too many previews show all the good parts and spoil the story

  9. Paulo Fabregas says

    5:01 gal gadot cutest

  10. tory.salvador says

    every day this movie is delayed i wake and stare out my window and weep

  11. night sorcerer says

    Pedro pascal is hoooooot

  12. ayeo philly says

    Patty looks like a milf

  13. theplourde says

    I’m still mad at Patty Jenkins for spoiling that Steve Trevor is alive on twitter.

  14. Ranju Ravindran says

    Present? They might want to skip a couple of years!

  15. katharina 25 says

    cant stop looking at those legs of Gal, so gorgeous!

  16. alejandro rosales says

    Gadot I can't wait to see this movie it looks great and amazing to give it all in your mind to make it big with the great stunts but with this virus out break all of you people be careful okay for the fans stay close to won whenever Alex

  17. Korn Flakes says

    Watching this again and it makes me crazily excited. But October. 🤯. I hope it doesn't get moved again and hope the pandemic gets better by then too. Wanna watch this on IMAX. 🥰

  18. HellohLaAle says

    wwhy dont make a serie? :3

  19. O-Dog Kubrick says

    Can’t wait to see Kristin Wiig as that Cheetah girl. She will be a purr-fect to be a cat-astrophe!!

  20. Glenn Davis says

    Very pretty ladies on this panel😍

  21. Puteri Eerdyna says


  22. Stocky Guru says

    Damn max lord in supergirl wasn’t he lol.Im guessing there’s gonna be a bizarro 😅 Chris pine character bought back to life

  23. J-Lee Official says

    james kirk

  24. MegaKamandi says

    im surprised gal didnt get the cast to sing imagine lol

  25. KRG says

    5:10 She spoke in Hebrew…. poor Gal , Chris always laughs about her accent.

  26. IAmTheOneTrueGod747333555666777999000111222444 says


  27. Gillian Crane says

    Wonder Woman 84 has be postpone to October 2nd, 2020.

  28. Diego Osvaldo Diaz says

    Pedro Pascal un gran actor él🇨🇱 chileno más simpático que conozco éxitos gran actor saludos desde 🇦🇷

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  31. D Rivs says

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  37. D Rivs says

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