Wolff Denies Any Wrongdoing Despite Sharing Data with Racing Point

Some of the F1 team bosses have been embroiled in a battle of their own regarding the legality of Racing Point’s brake duct design and Mercedes’ involvement in it all. Ferrari and Renault recently announced their decision to protest the FIA verdict against Racing Point. Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has now suggested that Mercedes should also be investigated.

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Wolff Denies Any Wrong-Doing: Asks Doubters to Protest

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto began by explaining why they decided to protest

“There have been protests, and there was the first verdict that said that what Racing Point did was illegal. This is the starting point. Stroll and Wolff may be furious, but there’s been a violation of the regulations here”

He then added that it was something they had to do as competitors

“We have laid down our intention to appeal. We believe the verdict was not adequate, and we have four days to confirm it. This is normal. We’re competitors and everyone’s looking at their own interests”

Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko reiterated why the current punishment isn’t enough

“I hope that this clarity comes after the appeal (of Ferrari and Renault). For a lawyer it’s weird that you get a punishment for something punishable, but then you get three reprimands if you keep using the same parts. How long can you keep giving reprimands? I don’t think that’s very well thought out. It’s important to appeal”

One point of contention for the teams is that Mercedes had been supplying Racing Point with data and parts up until the 6th of January of this year

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff gave his thoughts on this

“6th of January has no material effect because the whole thing was delivered much earlier and all drawings and designs had been forwarded even earlier. Racing Point and we still think it was just within the rules”

He signed off by being so confident of not being in the wrong that he asked any and all doubters to join in the protest

“To be honest, we’re not worried at all. We haven’t broken any rules and I don’t think Racing Point has done anything wrong. If anyone thinks we’ve done something wrong, they should protest and we’ll see each other at the final verdict”

Fast Feed

Christian Horner thinks that “a result like Sunday makes you realise what all that hard work is for and it is the best repayment for all the long hours that are going in at the moment”

He also feels that “Honda’s doing a good job” and that they “probably have the second strongest engine in the field. But the goal is to have the best engine”

He further thinks that Alex Albon “just needs a good Saturday. On Sunday he actually drives pretty good”

Ferrari’s head of chassis design Simone Resta has confirmed that “Sebastian will have a new chassis, because after” their “analysis of Silverstone’s GP” they “saw a small error caused by a heavy blow to a kerb”

Toyoharu Tanabe of Honda revealed that they “never stop and are never satisfied with” their “level of technology. More things are coming”

The FIA is reportedly looking at banning qualifying engine modes in 2021 to ensure that performance during qualifying sessions is on par with that during the race

Mattia Binotto thinks that “the ambition to beat Mercedes is wrong, because today the gap is huge. But the second place is definitely an achievable goal”

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen feels that “it is realistic to say that fighting for the championship is going to be very difficult.”

He further elaborated that maybe they “can fight for a victory, but over the whole season it is more difficult because there are very few things you can change on the engine”

His teammate Alex Albon thinks that “as a team” they “had the best pace on the circuit and so that gives everyone, including Max and” himself “a boost”

Williams’ Nicholas Latifi feels that he has “got to work on” his qualifying, “but everywhere else, especially the race pace and race management, have been on a nice upwards trend”

Will Mercedes be found of committing any wrong-doing?

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  1. So the F.I.A (Brawn's !!) Supposedly changed engine directives, in response to public

    Pressure that Brawn's changing the rules to suit Mercedes were (as I said days ago)

    A smoke screen !! All teams have low, medium & High engine modes, That stays the

    Same regardless of in the race or qualifying as you don't change engines in between

    Race or qualifying so it's the same engine with the same modes inside it available &

    Not only was the directive less than effective !! It's just reinforced for me that Brawn

    & Toto are scheming behind the scenes to get that bag that 200 million constructors

    Drivers is probably another 100 million, ** the fans, ** work & Money the other teams

    Are putting in & Wasting ! With no chance to win 😠 But most of all ?? They don't care

    About ruining the show & That's sad ! Soon as a race finished I used to look forward

    To the next race but now I'll be honest I've lost interest & Maybe watch highlights it's

    Why I'm here Sky F1 subscription cancelled it's just fixed & Mercedes & Lewis repeat

    After repeat it's just ridiculous & Turned it from F1 over the winter into well Mercedes

    & Lewis, He even pulled the F1 is racist card to get what he wanted nobody wants to

    Question it then it's uncomfortable for interviewers but I won't I'll stick up F1 it's one

    Of the most diverse & Welcoming places in the world & Colour's just a suntan a man

    A man a woman a woman it's all about respect & Mercedes & Lewis are showing F1

    & In their mind us dumb fans none, Zero ! & If I walk into the F1 paddock & Think I'm

    The only fat guy here does that make F1 fatist ? No it's the guy's insecurities so deal

    With it don't slander F1 !! Fake just like most of his wins with Mercedes, 6 years they

    Built that hybrid Mercedes engine with Bernie & Brawn behind everybody else's back

    Then when it's ready they make it the rules ! Everybody has to use that hybrid & Start

    from scratch 6 years behind Mercedes development or basically ? Don't sign up they

    All lose their jobs 😠 6 yrs later they all finally catch up ? They build D.A.S with Brawn

    Behind everybody's back again then at the last minute as the seasons about to start

    Brawn changes rules to let D.A.S in & Then D.A.S causes tyre damage to the Merc's ?

    They make everybody else raise their tyre pressures, Sorry but what a pile of shite 💩

    Ps. Under Merc's punctures at silverstone Lewis had a fan blade wheel, Bottas didn't

    Bottas had a normal wheel, What does that matter ? It helps tyre wear late race pace

    You know the great part of Lewis' game that separates him from his team mates, It's

    Been fixed all along, Sad but true & Car corrected: Lewis is 4th fastest at best & Now

    Lewis, Toto & Brawn have smashed enough out of the back door & It's starting to get

    Competitive they don't want to play anymore: https://youtu.be/tn4wLwagB7o?t=172

  2. why cant help other team LOL. it is same thing that let drivers compete points and team own point. meaning winner driver will drive next race team who lost.everything reversed. we should see who is best driver and not just who has fastest car. right?. then you can stop first lap and you can drive next race fastest car.wont work LOL yes it will there will be rules that will see if that was tactic LOL atleast top 10 cars should be flipped. there would be no team orders let HAMILTON pass he need point LOL team will be teams drivers will be drivers. maybe is hould create new serie and be nextbillionaire

  3. Mercedes is definitely gaining advantage over the issue of cloned design.. in what way? it affects the grid positioning of their rival (right now just Red Bull) in terms of qualifying in any given F1 saturday.

  4. 0:42 says the guy who got caught red-handed for his engine last season and whose BS was kept silence. It's a fucking duct, you don't gain 5 tenths from a duct. And they had the intel when it was legal to share. Hey Sbinotto, it's James.

  5. They shouldn't take away quali engine modes. How would they police it anyway? They can't possibly limit the entire race to one mode, so they offer several, and the one that is used for qualifying can technically be used during the race too.
    Besides, they WANT some variability, some spice. What's more spicy than a car that can qualify quick but can't maintain it during a race? (Many things but still, this is spicy.)

  6. The only thing that Toto has done wrong is pander to the politics of hamilton…..bet Nicki and Bernie would have punched him in the balls! And rightly so!!!!

  7. All these protests are getting out of hand; it’s getting to the point where there’s more protests about Racing Point and less noise about diversity and equality

  8. I’m jealous of latifi’s ability to not give a fuck about how bad he is and other peoples opinion about that. Serious, thats amazing, the Guy has absolutely no place in F1

  9. Ferrari owe it to Haas to protest this verdict and seek a stronger sentence for both Mercedes and Racing Point, as they’ve limited what information and parts they can offer to Haas. They’ve given them as much as they were able to, within the rule book.

  10. Is it wrong to think that Racing Point should have received a Financial Fine but… like with Ferrari last year, everything about the FIA Decision should have remained hush, hush.

  11. honestly i dont really care if they cheated or not , i think mercades should get knocked down a peg. the sport isnt good to watch anymore with just 3 people winning races. honestly i think that the best scenario would be if bottas somehow won all the remaining races this year to win the championship. otherwise it will just be boring if hamilton or verstappen keep winning.

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