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WLS-TV Promo "The Local News Chicago Trusts" – 2015


After nearly 30 years the undisputed news leader, ABC 7 Chicago’s ratings dominance is being challenged. With the aid of a strong NBC line-up and coverage of the champion Chicago Blackhawks, competitor WMAQ (NBC5) has made significant ratings gains among young viewers. Those ratings increases, while not challenging WLS’ total viewer ratings, have given NBC5 two straight months of victories in the 25-54 demo. To acknowledge the threat, ABC 7 debuted this promo touting their legacy status, reminding viewers of their staying power, due to being a trusted and proven source for news.

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  1. Susan Szeremeta says

    Can c to get there early in

  2. DQ Daniel Quintanilla says

    Okay. ABC 7 needs to renovate their street level studio after having the same look for 10 years. Plus, ABC 7 needs aggressive promos that are not generic from here on out. They're on-air graphics could use a clean snazzy update too. Also, it wouldn't hurt to utilize music cuts from WABC NY. And ABC 7 needs hard hitting special reports every night at 10 to compete against NBC 5.

    Plus, ABC 7 must utilize their younger talent as much as possible even if it involves moving people around.

    And ABC 7 needs Charlie Van Dyke instead of Bill Ratner.

  3. duvac12 says

    This promo is a little underwhelming compared to the 10pm promo's they put out a few months ago. The shots at the beginning are nice but it really doesn't grab me that well.

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