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Wishing Well TUTORIAL – Fortnite Music Blocks (Juice WRLD)


Wishing Well TUTORIAL – Fortnite Music Blocks (Juice WRLD)

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Outro music – “Daydream”
Produced by Ouse:

Wishing Well
Juice WRLD
Legends Never Die
How To Make
Music Blocks
cirns XBL

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  1. Silence Jak says


  2. Parker Rawson says

    Yooooo i miss jooos so much😭😭

  3. Fernando 2361 says

    Why do you only use hunting rifle? (I know it's to help us to see the tiles, colors, etc.) But why not a different Sniper Rifle?

  4. outdoor luke says

    Way to go u rank 19 for squad wins

  5. YeEEeEeeeEeeet Master233 says

    I’ve seen almost every vid since I started watching you 🙂

  6. RXG Lunatic says

    Don’t mind this just for me lol

  7. George Campelo says

    hi cins I saw in your videos a little old that has the music of marshmello the fly it will be that you could do a music tutorial it can be all complete or just a part if you don't do it I know how it should be and very annoying and difficult but if you could do a tutorial on it💜💜💜💜💜💜💜👍👍👍

  8. Vin Br says

    Can you make lucids dreams ??

  9. 10yearold BTW says

    BTW no flex but i watched like 12 to 15 tutorials by you bro and my favourites are
    -highest in the room
    -death bed
    -toosie slide
    -wishing well
    -blueberry faygo
    -minecraft theme song

  10. 10yearold BTW says

    imma hook you up cirns use code "cirns" in the fortnite item shop when you are buying a new cosmetic.and dont forget the code expires every 14 days so remember to re-enter it again.

  11. 10yearold BTW says

    Hi im back at 10 at night and i made it in my map keep up the good work.

  12. IKONIK says

    Pls graduation your so awesome😉❤

  13. Not MJC says


  14. Quentin Pause says

    Make the music of all star smash mouth please thank you continued as his 😊😎🎶👍

  15. Jaimmv says

    i just fisished caelinfergx's tutorial and i find out u did one to, looks like i building both!

  16. The Joker says

    Cirns part 2 of love scenario please good video

  17. Temp _ says

    Do man of the year by juice wrld !

  18. NikoPikiPl says

    Cirns can u make a turitorial on pokemon journeys theme song

  19. TEAM Nagasackie says

    Imagine disliking this masterpiece just saying look at my name 😉

  20. Maximo Rivera says

    Just a reminder 24:36 almost done

  21. nor papa says

    Need a tutorial for righteous and more juice songs😤
    Great work btw

  22. Flavored Spring says

    Can you make havin my way

  23. Jacko Sniper says

    yo its my birthday today 🎂🎂🎁🎁

  24. lil ck says

    Showed all my friends your maps and videos your the best keep it up🔥🔥🔥

  25. Monz 07 says

    Can u pls do last breath undertale phase 2 or 3

  26. jake xd12 says

    crins what colour blind settings do u use?

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