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Windows Can’t Set Up A HomeGroup On This Computer


If you can’t create new HomeGroup on Windows 10 due to “Windows can’t set up a homegroup on this computer” error, the fix is here. Details at:

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  1. Lewis Keim says

    Worked for me after hours of frustration. THANK YOU!

  2. Jim's Innovations says

    thank you man this worked couldnt figure it out

  3. John Hawkins says

    Thanks guys the fix for Error 0x80630203 : Unable to access a key. WORKED GREAT

  4. SeaJayParker says

    Thank you!

  5. John Carey says

    This worked for me – eventually. I followed the steps above but got the same result – it then occurred to me that the service below: "Peer Networking Grouping" was also disabled, so I repeated the above process for that & success.

  6. DRC 85 says

    my homegroup dont show up at all… i tried everythign lol

  7. Jason Odermatt says

    Mine was already on manual and wont work

  8. Una Neary says

    Thank you – that was driving me mad, for hours. I can now create a homegroup on my new Windows 10 tablet 🙂

  9. JT says

    Thank you very much for this 🙂

  10. djc144 says

    No mine was enabled so didnt work!

  11. Patrick Verwimp says

    PNRP and PNG are running now but I still get the same error message: Windows can't set up a Homegroup on this computer
    Any suggestions?

  12. Nick Sombolas says

    still hasn't fixed mine any help would be appreciated

  13. Paul Brennan says

    not worked for me, driving me up the wall

  14. saurabh sharma says

    awesome thanks man

  15. Blues Dogma says

    doesn't work

  16. jaisvikt says

    Thank you

  17. Fly McCloud says

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  18. Achmad Rizal Syaifuddin M. says

    "Go to C:ProgramDataMicrosoftCryptoRSA and right-click on MachineKeys – Properties – Security and add Local Service to the Groups or user names. To do so, click edit – Add – and type "local service" and hit check names, then click OK and click full control under permissions for local service, click OK. You may get an error as it tries to set user "local service" for all keys which it can not because permissions are not allowed. now go start your three services…"

    This video is helpful, and now my laptop is running with that's way… Thank you

  19. E Behrman says

    Did not work for me gave me an error 5C

  20. حسن سيد says

    must start another server – Peer Networking Grouping

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