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Wii Sports Resort Basketball vs. Ashley @ Level 2500 [ 36-13 ]


Basketball 3-on-3 Pick-up Game vs. Ashley @ Level 2500 in 1 Player mode. I had 12 threes and won by 23 points. Final score 36-13. Enjoy!

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  1. 1위임원준 says

    갑니다. 골!!

  2. Ryan Bearse says

    Fall 2012

  3. 呂承展 says


  4. Luke J Lipton says

    Your good

  5. Maria Ines Cordero says

     a mi me parece que parece un gran compatidor de records…VERY GOOD

  6. Miles Costley says

    If you did what I say at got all the three points in you could of had 47!!!

  7. Miles Costley says

    At the end u should of shot for 2'

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