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Why this Russian gas company sponsors soccer teams


Gazprom’s soccer jersey strategy, explained.

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Russia has the world’s largest reserves of natural gas, and most of it is controlled by the state-owned company Gazprom. But Gazprom has also built a global profile as a soccer sponsor. Good publicity for Gazprom means good publicity for Russia; since Gazprom is owned by the Russian state, domestic approval for the foreign energy provider can help build a reputation for Russia in places that might otherwise be wary of their creeping influence. And as Vladimir Putin pursues that influence abroad, building relationships with foreign business leaders using the sport of soccer has proven extremely useful.

One place where that’s been especially true is in Germany, where the team FC Schalke 04 has a longstanding sponsorship deal with Gazprom. When the deal was first signed in 2006, Russia was vying to increase their presence in the Western European gas market. Over a decade later, Gazprom sponsors one of Germany’s most popular soccer teams, and is about to open their second major direct pipeline from Russia to Germany.

A previous version of this video misidentified Switzerland on a map. The error has been corrected.


Natural gas reserves


Russian gas dependency

Nord Stream 2


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  1. Federation Music says

    Vox: Why this Russian gas company sponsors soccer teams
    Me: Why Emirates sponsors so many big clubs like Arsenal, AC Milan, Real Madrid, Olympiacos, and Benfica

  2. kishan kumar says

    So what's the problem in selling natural gas.

  3. Reyhan SA says

    It's football not soccer

  4. Ayush Raj says

    So what?? It is Free market Capitalism

  5. AKASH K says

    It's Football..Call your game egg throw or hit and run or something like that

  6. Joe Williams says

    Football, football, football, football, football. It’s football.

  7. TYBALT.videos {[5]} says

    Americans talking about european football. Funny.

  8. Vinci Andreozzi says

    Props to the business development guys at Gazprom

  9. Laura Douglass says

    Geez all these non-Americans in the comments are so toxic. Like different countries can adapt the same language to be their own and you don’t have to get mad about it. Calm down

  10. sebastian resch says

    Super interesting report!

  11. Aaron Jay says


  12. Luke Carrington says

    i swear to god if i hear one more american calling football soccer I,m going to flip

  13. Paolo Fu says

    What's strange about it? Sponsoring is by definition a way to improve brand recognition and an indirect lobbying method.

  14. M R says


  15. Halldór Þormar Hermannsson says

    7:26 39% = "Nearly half"? More like "over a third"

  16. Halldór Þormar Hermannsson says

    0:12 "At games in England"
    Shows the Union Jack

  17. Frank Li says

    And then there are Chinese sponsors printing mandarin characters on jerseys, I'm sure they've gained the soccer fans love /s

  18. japphan says

    They can't sell their products to fans … because politicians don'tlike football?

  19. pl 48 says

    I don´t really see any problem here… Why is Gazprom sponsoring our football? Just because they want to (and because they need to laundry the billions they earn)

  20. Eyoo Mansur says

    Everything about Russia is bad right

  21. Achu Harsh says

    Plzz stop mixing everything qith politics, football is the best game and the most enjoyable which Unites people beyond boundaries don't create chaos there.

  22. Daniil Kozhevnikov says

    Когда мафия забрала природные ресурсы у россиян..

  23. Mike Vazhnetskiy says

    Shalke did not win a championship in 2011 lol, that was DFB pokal. How do you want me to take serious this gas investigation thing if you are not even able to check the facts about football?))

  24. AleX 3 says

    Its football not soccer

  25. smol taco says

    pointless video

  26. Eduardo Alves Moreira Dias de Oliveira says


  27. Deutschland says

    When he said soccer one person in The world died

  28. Emre mika Mika says

    How dare you call Football soccer

  29. Вениамин Ипатов says

    Русские вперёд!

  30. Steven Cross says

    You do realise that sponsors don't own a club

  31. Steven Cross says

    It's football not soccer

  32. Steven Cross says

    Why do you sound like Andrew from Big mouth

  33. PD says

    Scrimmage? LOL

  34. ChoppedBlade says

    If you're going to talk about Football, which is mostly talking about Europe – at least call it Football, I live in America but I despise how America thinks that they should name things that have already been named by the entire world

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