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Why I quit The United Stand | Unconscious Bias in Football | Football Terrace


Why I quit The United Stand | Unconscious Bias in Football | Football Terrace

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  1. Neil Luhar says

    Rants nobody knows who the fuck you are, and you are irrelevant. The only reason people know of you is because of the United Stand. Mans getting way to big for his boots.

  2. Neil Luhar says

    Omg this man actually said Mark has an unconscious bias towards Luke Shaw because he’s white ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️ fuckin waste man, he’s the first person to support Martial, Pogba, and Wan Bissaka! As a black football fan, I have never held a bias towards a player because of race. Tbh I’ve never thought through my head, oh he’s this or he’s that because of his race! It’s completely ridiculous bruv

  3. azysheff says

    People with this victim mentality deserve to be victims… fucking pussyhole been watching too much BBC and Wakanda got him too focused on race…

  4. Yasir Adel says

    I like u man, u and Ricky very reasonable and accurate but u have to know that reality has so many faces.

  5. Kyle Reed says

    This is why I dislike rants. EVERYTHING is about race. Mark also loves martial and wan Bissaka, alongside Shaw. Its a joke.

  6. JT says

    Rants is bias towards pogba, pre Bruno pogba was horrific, he coasted matches, was piss poor but this cock blammed everyone else besides pogba, that's like saying he only defends pogba because he's black, put the race card away your not helping

  7. Kacherco Kacherco says

    Paul Podga receives about 80% more criticism than any other united player when he wasn’t even playing!
    This is like a white person telling a black person what they think is racist and what isn’t!!

  8. Alex Ferguson says

    rants is obviously the racist here

  9. Rey Greenwood says

    Every football fan, judge players that plays for there team on talent and how they apply themselves on the pitch. Not once have I witnessed any fan channels on this platform. Criticized or praised any of there players playing for there team. Other than there performance and application on the pitch. Stick to the football and keep giving us the contents. We all enjoy as fans of all your channels.

  10. Ramsey S says

    Unconscious bias! He is calling him racist, utter Bullshit. Unconscious racism does not even exist. It was a stupid made up thing that liberal left wing professors and writers have created to try and keep themselves relevant. And people swallow this nonsense. The example that was given is not unconscious is it deliberate decisions.

  11. Marc Nunes says

    Rants is your typical racist. He sees everything through the view of race because he is genuinely a racist and can't understand how others may have opinions without even considering race.

  12. Ian McDonald says

    Rants was the reason I stopped watching the united stand! His racism against white players at united was disgusting to watch! He is racist!

  13. Hadi says

    no one is bigger than the club,

  14. Muhib kaz says


  15. sirwallaby says

    Never liked rants and always felt something was off about him. He has a character issue i never understood why Mark had him on his channel.

  16. Ryan Larkin says

    “Because Luke Shaw’s White” why do you have to bring race into it, all marks done is lick martials arse for the last 3 months who I can say is Black

  17. Slim Jim says

    Within 5 seconds he is playing the race card… what a joke of a channel ??

  18. Eye patch says

    Never really liked rants . But wish him all the best.

  19. Sebastian Dalessandro says

    Imagen, nowadays you’re racist for liking white football players, I’m a racist for thinking Messi is a better football player than Mbappe… how unbelievably immature and pathetic

  20. E.W Labz says

    Doesn't he have the unconscious bias because Luke Shaw isn't black from the way he says it and how mark actually is? I agree with unconscious bias is a thing but because it doesn't fit your agenda you can't tarnish a respectable and respectful youtuber with that brush

  21. curlers87 says

    Had a ton of love for Rants a while back but that stopped the day he said Pogba was a better UTD player than Scholes. The United Stand is toxic as fuck and has been for ages. They big up players they like and hate others they dont like, and thats the driven mantra of that podcast for ages. I remember the fellaini game against City, and as the fans were leaving the ground they were moaning about how we got smashed but saying that only he showed fight and balls that game, when i tuned into the United Stand it was full on hatred on that guy on a scale that was sickening. SO i agree with a lot of what Rants has said as i have seen it used on there and he is at least admitting it happens

  22. Douglas Roehling says

    And now look how we miss shaw when he has be out

  23. Meb III says

    Of course unconscious bias exists. It's what explains black people defending the despicable actions of other black people because they have the say skin colour.

  24. Tracey Byrne says


  25. James Heseltine says

    Stop playing the victim!

  26. Paddy Coney says

    Racebaiters like this asshole are the real problem. Being racist themselves, they see racism everywhere and in everything and no amount of appeasing these morons will change anything.

  27. The Bosco says

    If its "unconscious bias" there is (by literal definition) not a thing you can do about it. It's unconscious, you aren't aware you are thinking about it so doesn't come froma place of race discrimination. Daft terminology

  28. Monsignorfitz says

    Uter shite

  29. Rex 84 says

    Marks player of the season is martial so racism has nothing to do with it. Just personality clash but using rascism as a kop out

  30. Nidhin s Dharan says

    The way mark talks about martial, Pogba and greenwood. He sucks at being a racist. He's so shit

  31. Ian Lomas says

    Doesnt mark have more black guys on his show . I didnt like rants because off all the blud blud shit flex on the other hand is great

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