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Why Apple REMOVED Fortnite iOS from the AppStore!


Fortnite iOS removed from the AppStore! Apple REMOVED Fortnite iOS! Fortnite Mobile is a popular iOS game, however Apple have decided to wipe Fortnite iOS from the AppStore. Why did Apple remove Fortnite iOS from the AppStore, blocking Fortnite in all countries? Apple has TOS which Fortnite violated by adding a server sided update to their Fortnite iOS game, and eventhough Fortnite Mobile is the most popular iOS game ever, Fortnite & Their Fortnite iOS game was still removed by Apple. Learn why Apple removed Fortnite iOS entirely in this video!

Do you play Fortnite? Does Apple removing Fortnite iOS affect you in any way? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Me personally, I love playing Fortnite Mobile, so Fortnite iOS being removed by Apple, does make me very sad. Thankfully, I am buying an Android soon, meaning I’ll be able to play Fortnite after the Fortnite iOS ban, however it sucks I can’t play on my iPhone anymore 🙁

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– How To Install Fortnite on iOS AFTER Apple’s BAN!
– UPDATE: Epic Games is SUING Apple! Details here:

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  1. Saunders Tech says

    Watch Next:
    – How To Install Fortnite on iOS AFTER Apple’s BAN! https://youtu.be/aLmRS62c2XE
    – UPDATE: Epic Games is SUING Apple! Details here: https://youtu.be/OKYjx9swqU4

  2. David Dobrzycki says


  3. Andy Saghbini says

    I’m happy lmao

  4. KEU IOSPH says

    Finally fortnite deleted on appstore

  5. musaaydi 145 says

    im never gonna care lol

  6. Melanie X Roblox says

    keep in mind, Fortnite got blocked not banned.

  7. Souldbminer says


  8. Souldbminer says

    i hate fortnite

  9. Darko Parcon says

    Some dude at my school was crying about it

  10. RealThuan YT says

    Fortnite is a Chinese app because Epic Game parent Tencent

  11. Bert Tent says

    I’m with Apple for this one cause if they don’t charge the 30% fee then they are giving epic games a free advertising platform and a secure payment method. And you didn’t talk about the 30% going down to 15% in one year. And so I think Apple needs some kind of profit as well as epic

  12. Connor Von Behren says

    I was able to download Fortnite by going through my previous purchases as of right now it was working

  13. Arktas says

    You can reinstall it

  14. Jithu Yui says

    What if you have a backup with fortnite

  15. ball animations says

    Because fortnite is cringe

  16. Jaden Hefington says

    That’s not true you can get fortnite bac if you go to AppStore settings/account and Recently installed and search fortnite NVM ITS IN HIS OTHER VID I DIDNT SEE

  17. Unofficial Hotel organic says

    Guys if you have flappy bird don’t delete it you can’t redownload it guys!1!1!!!1!

  18. Roger Hale says

    Mate that looks like a old iPad o-o

  19. Anisha Ibbott says

    Wow.. Spotify had a similar thing with the in app purchases of premium too.. Damn Apple.. Lucky Spotify is still on the App Store because of the similar circumstances.

  20. TheOdd1fan Stuffs says

    Huh it isn’t on android either well it was an addictive game

  21. Unc0ver_YT says

    I am CODM player…Hope they won’t remove ..

  22. Wolfy says

    To the person who is reading this:

    Your amazing stay blessed ,stay safe and have an wonderful rest of your day!✨

  23. reflect says

    New game available now on android

  24. robert porter says

    I don’t like fortnite never did

  25. ITZ HAZZY says

    I deleted fortnite before but i still got it back from purchased

  26. Stranger Things says

    I think this is stupid of Apple, they could’ve just got in touch with apple asking them to remove the way of buying vbucks from the website, but no they decide to take the whole thing off of the app store. This is stupid and apple are being childish in my opinion. I might buy a switch if it really isn’t going to come back. Also, I read something saying that fortnite have made it so that even if the app needs an update, I can still play it i’ll just be stuck in season 3. Will I be able to play with my friends who will be in season 4?

  27. Christian Maciel says

    Boycott Apple

  28. Joe Gru says

    Pixel gun 3d is still there thank God

  29. WazTechTutorials says

    They should remove zoom

  30. Shit Gaming says

    I have a simple answer

    It's been removed cuz it kills kid's brain cells

  31. miguel says

    What version of iOS do u have looks so dated😂😂

  32. Madhu Mita says

    I literally bought an iPad FOR playing FORTNITE, but now I'm very sad

  33. Bossman2907 4322 says

    But epic only lowered it fo a limited time

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