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Who Invented the Computer?


CHM Exhibition “Revolution: The First 2000 Years of Computing”

There are more than a dozen legitimate contenders to consider, all designers of unique, remarkable machines. But with facts and timelines clouded by controversy, contradictions, and intrigue, debate has raged in courtrooms and classrooms for decades. The answer may surprise you.

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  1. StormtrooperGamer356 says

    The first computer is more than 2100 years old: https://youtu.be/SAsWFgpvYhA

  2. L Mazo says

    my dad told me, bill gates invented computer

  3. abraham mani says

    Charles babage never built the computer then no need to say this allways and every where and brittish only telling this because to muddy the water and confuse the technology history ,This is like some people say about lot of inventions are from Roger bacon who is he , where is the evidence even he lived and to prove Roger bacon was a scientist , it is a hoax (sorry British he makes no sence)(iam not a German but I have Germam and British friends) they dont want to give the credit to konrad zuze who really built the first binary computer and binary is the key and any machanical device never built is not computer only digital binary code electrical machine can be called real grand father of computer that is built by konrad zuze but this never denying the fact unequal inventions of Allan Turing from Brittan, tell the truth to people.

  4. Nitin says

    I came here after watching "The Imitation game "

  5. lamiaa elkhashab says

    This is for school

  6. John Dimmock says

    Tommy Flowers (UK) invented the first electronic programmable computer long before ENIAC and I met him before and after the the 50 year gagging order by Churchill was lifted and before he was made Sir Tommy Flowers

  7. 4i4kov says

    As a Bulgarian, I'd like to apologize for all of my slow countrymen in the comments.

  8. Insanity Promotions says

    First pc was build by John Atanasov

  9. PoliNa Ice says

    Who has the right answers to the tests?

  10. s.murugan s.murugan says

    finally who invented computer

  11. Konrad all the way

  12. Marcous Scott says

    B* S

  13. Julian Adams says

    Thanks for this succinct clarification and perspective!

  14. Blog Studio says

    The first pc is bilden by bulgarian

  15. M4N0_WOLF100 says

    Im watching the person who invented the computer while on watching on my computer

  16. Adarsh Kumar says

    I came here after watching THE IMITATION GAME on my computer.

  17. - A13X - says

    The world’s first electronic digital computer was invented by John Vincent Atanasoff in the 1930s at Iowa State in ruling of the Honeywell v. Sperry case.

  18. SThun says

    the first computer was made by a bulgerian in othar contri

  19. Ryan Is dope says

    Talk more about Konrad Zuse and the Z1.

  20. barry mike says

    Y'all know y'all lying cuz black people say they invented everything you know Dey wuz kangz LOL

  21. Jeff Rutt says

    Konrad Zuse!

  22. Event Horizon says

    Just admit it… Konrad Zuse invented it, period. The germans always were and always will be the best in science. But don't be sad… If you try hard enough, you might get second place.

  23. MirkoD2 says


  24. SRJC Distance Education says

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  25. Felipe Lugo says

    Código nacho en la tienda

  26. Felipe Lugo says

    Hola a todos

  27. Eve Lynn says

    Greetings Banana Slugs!

  28. M 5 says

    everyone contributed to the creation of the modern computer

  29. Elisa Caleb says

    Where is Ada Lovelace?

  30. Víctor Sánchez Man says

    PROFE CASIQUE podria mejor mostrarnos un video en español gracias

  31. Patti Brooks says

    Thank you for the info on computers on who invented the computer !

  32. tachikoma kusanagi says

    No mention of Tommy Flowers?!

  33. Alexander R. says


    The first computer was invented in Omsk in 1968.
    Copyright certificate No. 383005 for application No. 1445033 with priority dated May 18, 1970

    Author of the invention: Arseny Anatolevich
    *The world's first personal computer was invented in the USSR in 1968 by the Russian designer from Omsk Arseniy Anatolyevich Gorokhov (born 1935), and not by the American company Apple Computers, and not in 1975.
    Gorokhov Arseniy Anatolyevich – Soviet engineer, electrician, constructor, inventor, member of the Russian Academy of Engineering, president of the Engineering Society Club of Omsk, currently works as a teacher at the Omsk University of Railways.
    In the copyright certificate, patent No. 383005 describes in detail the "programming device", or as it was then called by the inventor – "intellectual". The device in the drawings included: a monitor, a separate system unit with a hard drive, motherboard, memory, video card and other stuffing. There was only a mouse. This device had a device for solving autonomous problems and personal communication with computers. The invention in accordance with Gorokhov, an international patent classification was called: “A device for setting a program for reproducing a part contour” In order to establish industrial production, The officials replied: “These are ten Volga cars, let's wait a few years.”
    Gorokhov received only 20 rubles for his development – they paid so much in the USSR for an invention that was not introduced into mass production. If the novelty got on the Soviet factory conveyor, the fee would become a thousand times more. At the same time as the “personnel”, Gorokhov also developed a plotter – a plotter (which is also officially a completely alien invention). Today Arseniy Anatolyevich has more than 20 copyright certificates. At one time, he invented the now famous “Snake” two years earlier than Rubik. Imagine you received a letter. It has a thin plate. You will interfere with it in a special device, and it, "inflating" like a balloon, turns into a complex part. Take measurements and reproduce! This was also invented by Gorokhov. Incarnated, alas, only in prototypes.
    The last invention of Arseniy Anatolyevich – the builder of three-dimensional reliefs – is also waiting … for his foreign inventor.

  34. Naftary Grayson says

    Stop Lying You Fools…..bla bla bla All comes out your lips….“LIES“

  35. WrongNumberZ says

    If he still lived today then he would be so confused about the RTX 2080 TI i7 8700k 32GB of ram LMAO

  36. Ahlina Zul says

    Because of this man, ppl nowadays need to buy and used laptops n any other gadgets..whereas poorer cant buy those things. Because of him, more ppl wear glasses,& more computerised works need to be done in short time. Im pissed off with this man.

  37. carlo vandenbrink says

    the germans invented in 1200 for christ, the laptop, they used stones on a leather string to multitask

  38. Joe Bob says

    Al Gore invented the computer

  39. aa bb says

    Computer,plane,semicondutctor ,internet ,liquid rocket and integrated circuit were invented in the US. The 2-stage solid rocket ,soft body armour, metal printing and time synchronized communication network,vacuum tube train and iron clad combat ships were invented in Korea. CDMA was invented by an American woman. But I don't remember anything invented in Germany except for cars. This is how things are.

  40. army had man power + money 1000 more

  41. Patti Brooks says

    I heard the guy who invented computers was Charles Barbbage ! Am I right ? Going to watch the video now !

  42. Chang Noi says

    To sum up: Success has a thousand fathers. Failure is an orphan.

  43. trevor francis says

    solar power calculator tops them all

  44. Yah Named Me ISRAEL says

    Blacks created the cell phone, computer, and the video game…. and the little nerf guns ya children so love to play with

  45. Yah Named Me ISRAEL says

    Why why people always stealing the glory y’all ain’t make shit but destruction

  46. Ivo Petrov says

    John Atanasoff is the inventor! Bulgarian!

  47. Morpheus x says

    dr mark dean a black computer engineer designed and built the first 1 gig microprocessor and pc for ibm and hold 3 patents .

  48. Reda Hayani says

    the honor of the invention of the computer goes back to the Islamic civilization through the Maghrebi Abu Al Abbas Al Sabti who will build the Za'irja, it is about the first artificial intelligence of the humanity, it will plagiarize by raymond lulle who in turn will influence leibniz

  49. A guy called Babbage

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