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When Lionel Messi Showed Who Is The Boss – HD


This happens when you make Lionel Messi angry, when you hate him or when you think you can do something better than him.

Messi will destroy you and will show you who is the boss!

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MagicalMessi – as magical as Messi

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  1. MagicalMessi says

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  2. Cute Girl says

    El mejor del mundo

  3. Sam George says

    Messi = smartest , intelligent , best goal scorer, best assister, best controller, best dribler. king messi

  4. Eldho Jobi says

    Long live the magician

  5. Lihiq Firew says

    We should all admit and say Messi is the best soccer player in the world!!!!!

  6. lfc fan says

    are you kidding me ?! :))

  7. Kenadi Dodds says

    “Don’t lie who else is a REAL FAN OF MESSI?"
    “¡ᴍ ɢɪғ₮ɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏ?ᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ʟɪᴋᴇs ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ”?

  8. Jasirkhanp CR7 says

    Iam Ronaldo fan and I still like him he is the greatest footballer Ronaldo but I respect messi. Messi don't leave football plz?.

  9. Ruhan Das says

    2022 is for Leo s Argentina❤️

  10. Binayak Koirala says

    Beware some idiot ronaldo fanboys are in comments.

  11. Akhil Andrews says


  12. Joashua Olsson Buchanan says

    Remember my name Joashua Buchanan I will be the best player ever in football

  13. Mauro Martinez says

    Te amo Messi

  14. Ninjπ says


    ?♥️MESSI IS MESSI?♥️

  15. Know The Basic says

    21 century is the best century for football. We are gratefull we witness this oneve in a decade phenomena. Two rivals messi and cr7.

  16. Vil Wozah says

    7th on the way❤

  17. GERRY says

    Lmao u hate ronaldo more than smailling

  18. Most Subscribed egg ? says

    Finishes with proficiency like CR7, R9 or Gerd Müller

    Passes and creates play like Michael Laudrup, Xavi or Iniesta

    Dribbles like Maradona, Laudrup or R9

    The single most complete player in Football was probably Yaya Toure (all aspects of the outfield game considered)…

    You could make a case for any of the following players as the 'greatest' (who has the greatest legacy in football): Pele, Maradona, CR7

    But for the player with the most talent?

    And also the most output?

    The most technically gifted player of all time?

    The best footballer of all time?

    We all have opinions, but for something as clear cut as this, if your answer is anyone other than Messi, I suggest you seriously reevaluate your assessment.

    People tend to fall into two groups:

    1. They favour the players with better stats, who may, or may not necessarily have great technical ability.

    2. Favour the technically gifted players, who may or may not have the greatest statistics.

    I'll use Jardel and Zidane as examples.

    Jardel had style, but that wasn't his strong point: He is largely remembered due to the his ability to get on the stat sheet.

    Zidane on the other hand, did score and assist, but his career stats are not extraordinary, to be frank. That holds true for both goals and assists. But we remember him because his technical ability, manifested in his style of play, was a joy to watch.

    Won the World Cup too and enjoyed a successful club career.

    Messi is just… both.

    Just consider this to wrap up:

    Messi isn't even 'highly qualified' by those standards, he is literally number 1 in stats

    (First, top 3, or highly ranked all time for the following: goals, assists, dribbles completed, dribble success rate, freekicks, playmakers stats like chances created, passes ending in the final third, shot conversion, shot accuracy, involvement in team goals, then performance against xG and the more convoluted stats…)

    And number 1 by technical ability

    Only player who is simultaneously a top 3 scorer, passer, playmaker (playmaking heavily relies on passing ability, but it's not the same. Look at Xabi and Ozil) and dribbler of all time (Yes I said passing. We all love to point out the great long ball artists, which does include Messi, but he stands out as the best in short, sharp, passes – the type that is critical in stight spaces when quick decision making and correct weighting of the ball are tested).

    I hear all these arguments about who won what etc. That's lovely, you're free to enjoy players based on trophies and collective achievements.

    And me? When critiquing a player's individual prowess, I tend to put more emphasis on their… you know… _individual prowess_…

  19. Amin Belhajj says

    It's really magical best player of all the times and it's for the future player to do what he do if messi was a European player I'm sure every year he win the golden ball and shoe but it's Latino

  20. For Real says

    I never realize messi had 6 ballon dor and 6 golden boots. ? Messi is the goat and will never be forgotten

  21. GHOST AHNAF says

    Song name?

  22. GHOST AHNAF says

    Song name?

  23. GHOST AHNAF says

    Song name?

  24. GHOST AHNAF says

    Song name

  25. ClipzzAU says

    I’m a CR7 fan but even I can admit Messi is the goat

  26. Mahesh Babu says

    Messi ? ?

  27. Kaziranga TV says
  28. GHOST AHNAF says

    Song name?

  29. Haika Khan says

    Messi ❤️

  30. Dhanesh Mohun says

    Messi is very talented but CR7 deserves more !

  31. Haokholet Lhouvum says

    ronaldo fans be like next videos please

  32. O tube says

    Messi is real boss.???

  33. N.M. K says

    When Lionel showed Who is the boss. Guest what, He is the boss.

  34. Hope 777 says

    Never underestimate Messi's ambition and fighter instinct, just because he seems a shy and gentle guy.

  35. MFlex8 A says

    I swear to god that American commentators are sooooo lit

  36. Ajani Care says

    This video was great

  37. D S says

    Ron just good player, but Messi is Greatest!!!

  38. TallDreamy_Daddy says

    Ronaldo said he will win his fifth or his sixth "if he can" ?.

    People said Ronaldo is better goal scorer than Messi and Messi better player, but Messi have 2 more golden shoe than him ? I dunno what are these people smoking

  39. ayrrix :3 says

    2:46 henrys face when ronaldo won the ballon dor???

  40. kwabena gyimah says

    He is the most important prayer in world

  41. Ashik TK says


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