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What's new in Android Development Tools


Get an overview of what’s new in Android Studio for Android app developers, including demos, and a tour de force presentation of relevant features that will accelerate developers workflow on the latest Android APIs.

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Jamal Eason, Tor Norbye

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  1. Bouchra Belmehdi says

    Android studio returned a GPU error even after updating the driver Intel! It got the laptop too slow!

  2. Kamerton Audiophile player says

    If you decided to discard Studio build capabilities and rely on the gradle, then it is ok. As for now I am getting java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
    com.google.wireless.android.sdk.stats.IntellijIndexingStats$Index . Can you fix that?

  3. ALONEWILL says

    can't see gradle file watcher and cache in gradle properties settings in here, https://github.com/google/santa-tracker-android, do you I need to check out speicif branch? thanks

  4. Paulo Costa says

    Where can I find more documentation on how to enable the gradle speedups?

  5. Achraf Amil says

    I want your Android Studio tshirt !!!! ^^

  6. Harri Kirik says

    Awesome summary, well done!

  7. Muhammad Shoaib Murtaza says

    most of the updates only shown iOS users not Windows users

  8. Kaustav Chatterjee says

    27:18 its Custom View Preview is not working in AS 4.0 , I cannot view it..

  9. Daniele Segato says

    Where can i find the motion layout example app?

  10. Sertunc SELEN says

    I cant solve "Incremental annotation processing" warning. Anyone can help me ? thank you

  11. MhdZki says

    Now we know who's behind the development of this I/O app that we've been using since, 2014, I guess. If i'm not mistaken..

  12. Eliezer Herrera says

    And 2020 running java 8, sad.

  13. Prakash Ranjan says

    Which IDE is used to create Android studio?

  14. Hossain in Motion says

    I tried to close the vide by pressing the white "X" at the top right corner, but it paused the video instead!!! ?

  15. Chase Olson says

    Is there a link to that gallery motion project?

  16. Yingding Wang says

    15:18 Wifi Debugging: pair using QR – Mind Blowing

  17. Best ide, lol

  18. IAmDatiKaa says

    I didn't know there was a "CPU Profiler pdate" in AS 4.0 🙂

  19. Liu Pei Pei says

    Please release the compose asap

  20. W S. says

    Boom! First post, first like!

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