What You SHOULD Aim For When Shooting! 🎯🏀 BASKETBALL SHOOTING TIP!

The big question we get when it comes to shooting – WHAT DO YOU AIM FOR to MAKE More Shots in Basketball!? In today’s video, Coach Ryan Razooky shows you EXACTLY what you should aim for when shooting a basketball!

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View: What You SHOULD Aim For When Shooting! 🎯🏀 BASKETBALL SHOOTING TIP!

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  1. I found it hard to aim for the middle and drain my shots. When I aim front or back I can just lock on and see it but I feel like aiming for the middle is a lot more psychological I can’t really lock on with my eyes.

  2. Okay i got this down, now how do i increase my shooting range? Im always struggling to shoot 3's accurately because i dont have enough strength to shoot accurate, so i end up just tossing the ball and praying it goes in.
    Will be very thankful!

  3. I usually just aim for one of the hooks so my target can be narrow when the hoop is it a lot bigger and I just shoot that spot for 5 mins spot up then 5 mins with moves and I get use to it but this video helps too just my view on the rim

  4. I've only played on an actual team in 8th grade, I switched to wrestling my freshman year and haven't been in a sport since then. Hoping to get into basketball this year, not gonna tryout for my HS team but I'm definitely gonna try to get better and maybe join a local league after I graduate

  5. I have a question. In your previous vids, your said we should start from our quad when we shoot. However, I can’t shoot normally if I dk that, because it’s hard to pull-up from that position. What should I do?

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