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What Keeps me Playing this Bloody Game



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  1. Nite Owl says

    "Let's kill that fucking arty!" LOL 😆

  2. Reed Hoadley-Wetstone says

    "I'm up to 4k but I still need more"

    -Lemmingrush 2020

  3. J D says

    “Practicing Learning”. It’$ ju$t another way of $aying money i$ no object.

  4. Mike Yates says

    "I'm super bad in it"
    has a mastery mark on the barrel

  5. Bajes Silmi says

    And why u playing on a tier 10 while not activating "Accelerate crew training" !?

  6. John Blaker says

    New Player Q here on mechanics. I see @LemmingRush turning the camera without changing the location (or dispersal circle) of his gun. What key do I press to do that? Or whats the option inside the controls?

  7. Chris Hiss says

    "a minutia" holy crap I don't think I have ever heard anyone say that outloud, or maybe ever. Is that a Canadian thing?
    Definition for others confused; Usually minutiae. precise details; small or trifling matters: the minutiae of his craft.

  8. Marlon Senanayake says

    man i love your video. your videos are with tips tricks and advices while playing. i have learned lot from your videos trust me. at one point i just go and die like a noob. now i get 2k-3k damage most of the time. THANK YOU <3 <3 do more and more videos

  9. Big Brain says

    chems said it best, this is the best medium in the game

  10. Panzers says

    El Halluf is so weird when I get it in my tier X Russian heavies, IS-7 is perfect for the hull down position at A1, but usually mediums in C3 will shoot you on the crossing (Where lemming shot the 257), 277 is fast enough to get to the rock at A1 without taking hits from slower mediums whilst crossing to get there, but is too short to use the hull down position well

  11. Kaplis Lemesis says

    errrm cause it is your revenue stream? Like many who keep a shitty job. Emotional investment. I had close to 10k games on my friends PS4 and havnt played for over a month and I realize how shit it is as a game

  12. Shrek Shmurda says

    Just wanna day love your channel, I learn the most by far about this game from watching your videos. Thanks for making content for us, and I mainly love how you give every thought and incite while you play, really helps me get better. Keep the good content rolling ❤️

  13. Jamie Lancaster says

    ??? You play it for MONEY!

  14. King Cookie says

    I keep playing because I'm addicted.

  15. Jerome Orange says

    I just hate the way you giggle all the time man

  16. Iron Scorpion says

    Title : What keeps me playing this bloody game

    Me : "Well I can give you many reasons why I don't. "

  17. XxTalosxX says

    Me: shoots whilst still aiming
    Shot:misses and enters world of warplanes
    Lemming: shoots whilst aiming
    Shot: hits perfectly through a 2 millimeter gap

  18. Sven Nilsson says

    Lemmingrush in a nutshell:But i need more

  19. Luonteri says

    So um.. why?

  20. holymolydamn says

    You keep playing this game because it gives you views?

  21. charlie no says

    I left the game after playing it for 5 years coz i dont want to play russian op tanks ,nor spending play to win stupid muppets at wargaming leaving so many underwhelming tanks in the game

  22. t1ghe says

    Only LRush would enjoy a bad tank! 😂🤣

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