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What It's Like Working On A New York City Food Truck


Food trucks are everywhere in most major cities in the United States, including New York City. To understand what it’s really like to run a successful food truck, we spent a full day with the crew of Yumpling, which has served traditional Taiwanese food since 2017.

The day starts at 1am when co-owner Christopher Yu picks up the truck and stakes out a parking spot in Brooklyn or Manhattan. After parking the truck, Chris turns on the generator, which powers the food truck’s refrigerator and freezer. Because of New York City regulations that state someone must remain in the truck while it’s parked, Chris will camp out for the rest of the night. He can’t sleep in the back of the truck and must remain at the wheel. The truck doesn’t have heat or air conditioning, which can make for tough winters and summers.

Morning prep starts at 7 am when the team prepares salads, fries chicken, cooks rice, and labels containers for lunch, which Yumpling starts serving at 11:30 am. Some customers begin lining up as soon as 11 am. On the morning we spent with Yumpling there was a line down the street five minutes after they opened.

The truck doesn’t pay rent in the traditional sense, but it does accumulate parking tickets throughout the day. Parking tickets for the truck range in price from $65 to hundreds of dollars. Some days the truck receives two or three tickets, while on others it manages to avoid parking fines.

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What It’s Like Working On A New York City Food Truck

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  1. Buck Buck says

    Yup that's an existence.

  2. Angella Alakit says

    I hope they know that they are so inspiring

  3. kranthi kosaraju says

    Love from India..these guys rock….CCP instead bullying taiwan atleast learn from these guys the way of life.

  4. Deborah John says


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  5. SandStorm XII says


  6. TheMegaVoter says

    This is hard work people….No complaining…Just hard work and satisfaction…Living American dream.

  7. Killua Gaming says

    Putting solar in here makes it better

  8. Arti Prajapati says

    I have a question if we choose a different location so in that case there area cops allowed or not ?

  9. Tha Real Life Struggles says

    Building permits and plans to clean up

  10. Rufino Zamacona says

    Is good business for the truck's owners, most of them don't work there, they don't pay taxes most of them are cash only , no good for restaurants who pay rent , a lot permits and taxes

  11. S Rahman says

    So long as no cops come you're safe.

  12. Pratik Sisodia says

    Videos like these actually show us how hard the food truck business is.

  13. mani singh says

    this is so dumb like why is NYC police so worried about people parking their food trucks at the same spots every day and get parking tickets. Seriously these people are trying to make a buck selling food. this is their livelihood. Shame on you NYPD.

  14. Chansai Commerce17 says

    AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!

  15. dledestine thing says

    It's look HEALTHY

  16. A Rahman says

    This is hard work

  17. zepole87 says

    Glad to see them doing well with their business

  18. Drew Little says

    Just watching this made me tired

  19. Geet Sharma says

    24 hours at a food service place. What an original idea.

  20. Karmjit Singh says

    Main question=how much they make?

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