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What It Feels Like… To Race Wheel-To-Wheel In F1


We live for this. Close racing is the thing we love more than anything else in Formula 1 – so what thoughts go through a driver’s head in the heat of battle?

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  1. bauko28 says

    Am I the only one disappointed by the fact wheel to wheel means collision to thesd days F1 drivers? Where are the times when duelling was a thing in racing…?

  2. Lxcky_ says

    Lewis is such a genuine and selfless guy

  3. Furin Furetto says

    in brasil it wasnt even hamiltons faul… albon turned in way to much like there was no car on the inside. hamilton cant go anywhere else

  4. D A D D Y says

    Fkking seb smacked lois with his ferrari…
    That was so cool to watch

  5. D A D D Y says

    2:12 F1 got soooo much better when they took away giving penalties for dirty overtakes..

    Now the drivers really get in there n show off enuf skill…

  6. Stormrage says

    We need wheel to wheel please

  7. Ergo proxy says

    Nice edit at the end.

  8. Dana v.d. Hul says

    Albon's "no, no, no" after Lewis collided with him always makes me só sad. You can really hear the pain in his voice

  9. Roberto Puga says

    What a beautiful community we have here… great day to you all you gorgeous bastards :).

  10. wakandan knuckles says

    Albon "i go?!"
    Lewis "no"
    Albon 🙁

  11. Black_Gold_Saw says

    0:28 yikes.,… how that worked out last weekend huh…

  12. Bhagavati Sri Bharath says

    Music name please??

  13. Macs says

    wow, good content !

  14. Naël Oussedrat says

    Lmao Hamilton gave « more space to Albon » last week ?

  15. SpeedyK says

    "i give drivers extra space" (except albon xd)

  16. Vaibhavi Shrivastava 103 says

    4:24 I know this is a serious video, but seeing Charles' nose wiggle like a bunny when he speaks is cracking me up

  17. bannerlad01 says

    Lewis -" I give extra space " Hamilton…. LOL

  18. Marco Casati says

    like jumping on the grass after being on a trampoline

  19. Sinan says

    Lewis, then why didn't you give space to Albon at Austria 2020??!!

  20. Anthony McDougall says

    Hamilton: I tend to give drivers a lot of space.

    Albon: Am I a joke to you??

  21. Syed Abdussalam says


  22. R H.M says

    All other drivers: Battles
    Hamilton: drs overtake

  23. Colt ith says

    3:30 Hamilton "This is why I generally give these (yougner -> rookies) EXTRA SPACE"
    So you hit Albon twice and ruinhis podium/victory chances to avoid losing and you dare brag about "giving EXTRA space" ? Or maybe you were talking about someone else ?
    6time world champion not even able to recognize his mistakes…

  24. Mike Iodice says

    "I give the younger drivers extra space"

    Also Hamilton:
    "Let's spin out Albon on the outside as he's passing me in the corner and ruin his first-ever race win chances… two races… in a row… in two separate seasons."

  25. Crasychicken says

    Albon : and it’s very depressing

  26. Bourky 46 says

    After watching Austria, Hamiltons spiel at 3:30 is a joke, " i tend to give space especially to the young ones" hahaha alright mate you just keep taking ppl out when they pass you.

  27. LouisLunz says

    Alex Albon get knocked out from Lewis Hamilton for the second time.
    Lewis: I give all drivers extra space.


  28. Gabriel Reyes says

    3:27 Well this aged well…

  29. Jorge Lourenço says

    After the first race of 2020, Hamilton words are a big joke. "I older and more conscious than the new drivers, and try to give them more space", Take that Albon. Such a joke this guy

  30. SNAKE DS says

    History happen again Alb just stop by Hlm out the corner again

  31. Uvais Ansari says

    What it feels like to go wheel to wheel ?
    Vettel: Like merry go round !

  32. McGroom says

    Albon feeling that slomo again. F for the boi

  33. 3pointsracer says

    I've seen this shift that F1 has made on these last videos they've uploaded. Seems that this "break" did some good for the sport. For sure that E tournament brought new viewers, and F1 channel seems to be breaking down the rules, breaking down the aspects of the sport so when it does restart people could just start watching it and some what understand what they're watching. I say it's a good thing.

  34. mogats says

    Who is here after Lewis Hamilton took Albon's podium again?

  35. Waveyy says

    Lewis Hamilton: “I try to give these drivers extra space, especially the younger ones… unless it’s Albon.”

  36. Bob Juff says

    Lewis: I give drivers extra space
    Also Lewis: leaves no space for albon causing him to crash in Austria.

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