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What is Regenerative Agriculture?


Regenerative agriculture is an effective way to restore biodiversity and stabilize the climate, but what exactly is it? This video explores three different regenerative practices that have great potential both in food production and in healing the land.

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Music: Dubious Doings by Thomas Howe (used with permission)


Organic Agriculture does more harm than good
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Food forests consist of 7 layers:
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  1. PG The Patriot says

    Innovative solution for Farmers….

  2. Daniel Fixborn says

    Nice! It's very compreensive and have a lot of good information in a few minutes!

  3. Holly Whitelaw says

    Hi- is it possible to please use your fab video but put an English voice over it? I'm from Regenerative food and farming in the UK. We are creating a website, nearly done! Have various social media channels and growing…hollywhitelaw@gmail.com

  4. Warren Loone says

    This presentation is so informative, so succinct, so well paced and soooo… good to share with anyone who is interested in restoring our soils to fertility. Thank you. Very well done.

  5. Parth Bhatt says

    This same video is on discovery agriculture channel.

  6. JOHN ZEMER says

    Thanks a lot!
    Very Interesting !

  7. Alexander Karpov says


  8. Discover Agriculture says

    Hi. Can we use this video?

  9. Shirley Chang says

    Brilliant video! Summarises it nicely.

  10. Wafiq Essop says

    As an Agricultural Scientist, this was very well made. I will use this to explain to others what Regenerative(or as we call is, Sustainable Agriculture) is.

  11. Goatvision says

    Not just New Zealand, anywhere people graze animals. This entire video is complete waffle. Any farmer learned this before he was five years old. Suitable for Totally Urbanised People (TUPs). This is neither novel nor interesting to anyone from the land.

  12. Ron Ward says

    We need more of We to be more of who We are, being willing to evolve Ecologically!

  13. Ron Ward says

    Well done and stated, Let us all participate!

  14. Ivan Kinsman says

    Great explanation of the three types of practices that make up regenerative agriculture! / http://www.rainwaterrunoff.com

  15. BrightLight says

    Thank you. I learned something.

  16. Władca Wymiaru says

    https://youtu.be/p0YNFn9Dloc?t=358 – biochar power (beans and two farmers)
    https://youtu.be/XQxthabe_OU?t=1675 – 2fold (old image from USA past)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvSwJDoFLDo – experiment
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgK5DWCMj8A – BioChar Pot Trials
    https://youtu.be/5Czs3kI8Rk4?t=430 – bamboo biochar (hill+mikoryza)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2nx2DQAJm4 – garaTerra BIOCHAR
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGurqqGTMW4 – Begin With Biochar

  17. Laquita G. says

    This is fecking brilliant!! Thank you!

  18. Roy Madewell says

    Nicely done and focused brief of good soil stewardship.

  19. ClearToEngage says

    The grazing technique is standard practice in New Zealand

  20. Mr G says

    anyone know the process for adding subtitles in other languages for this video – do they have to be sent to the uploader and then added by them, or is there another way? thanks

  21. Mr G says

    Excellent explanation – let's share this everywhere – it needs hundreds of millions of views!!!

  22. Willie Clark says

    Wow!! Just about a perfect video. Nice work, and thank you

  23. originofenergy says

    awesome work simple teaching animation that explains what all of humanity needs to learn in less that 4 mins. Well done:)

  24. Diego Galli says

    Fantastic video. Thanks for this! It would be awesome to have it translated different languages.

  25. Greenfield Robotics says

    Nicely done! Great way to explain regenerative ag.

  26. Ricardas Ricardas says

    Interesting approach

  27. Dragomir Sangeorzan says

    Regenerative grazing is a scam like "clean coal". There is no solid science behind it, just guilty animal farmers trying to feel better and make a profit from similarly anxious consumers.

  28. DiAgri says

    Wow..nice content keep up your videos.

  29. Dale Hendricks says

    Bless you 2 for this!! Lovely!!

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