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What is public health?


In this video, Dr Greg Martin takes a look at the question, “what is public heath?” and also considers what it is that public health professionals do including research and surveillance and actions to prevent disease and improve access to care and treatment. This is a useful video for people wanting to work in public health. If you’re considering a career in public health and want to know a little more about what a job in public health might look like, then take a look…

Please watch: “Know how interpret an epidemic curve?”


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  1. Jenny Badger & Global Healthy Water Foundation says

    Public health is water. Air .food quality. Most diseases come from water. Learn more: https://globalhealthywater.org


    thanks a lot .you really give a clarity and concise way ….to understand what public health is.

  3. Abdulrahman Radwan says

    I am public health student

  4. Die Hu says

    Very clear!!!

  5. Nabatanzi Linnet says

    What are the importances of public health

  6. Gilbert Kawewe GHAND WORKS says

    very helpful, am currently studying mph. greetings from Zambia Africa.

  7. Josh Layton says

    Thanks, Gregory – I've never felt so interrogated yet so informed in my life! The Jibba Jabba really came through #likewhatisiton

  8. Minakshi Panwar says

    Can anyone help me with knowing mph as I am going to persue it but still in dilemma . I don't know how many subtypes comes under mph. Plz someone help me ???

  9. Ulisese Tapuvae says

    Interesting, very significant to draw on the basics

  10. si says

    Is doing a Master of Public Health online in James Lind Institute in Italy a good choice? Anybody who has done such a course in the same institute via online please do comment and help share information on this.

  11. MeRmEk . 93 says

    All of my information i need are answered
    Im Filipino so i cant perfectly understand english
    But your explanation is really good

  12. A. Khan says

    I have done bachelors in psychology i am planning to do masters in international health but i want to be a psychologist too at the same time. Should i go for international health or not?

  13. Mina 20 says

    this is way to professional for me lol- its really good

  14. Samjhana Pandey says

    hey I'm public health student from Nepal and loved your videos

  15. Nyasha Marize says

    thank you Martin, so  useful!

  16. Nongazi Witbooi says

    Helo how does Public Health differ from Occupational Health?

  17. Janet Dade says

    Thanks for making me understand public health

  18. jonnalagadda devi priya says

    Hello sir, i was a doctor of pharmacy(pharm d ) student , can i do masters in public health , then what jobs can we do after completing the masters in public health

  19. Ruth Mugo says

    Bumped into your channel by mistake and a wonderful mistake it was, I can't believe I found you now,, good timing, I am starting on Health Science and I was interested in information about health organisations, this channel is very very helpful, thank you for the insight,.Greetings from Germany

  20. N M says

    Nearly two years of studying of Public health has been taught in this vid ♥ thanks !

  21. Наргиз Бакытжановна says

    I am studying BBA now, can I apply for MHP?

  22. Jonas Mundjulu says

    Hi Dr Greg. i just completed my medical school i want to do public health . Can i do it straight away?

  23. Munah Walker says

    Wonderful and informative video!! Love

  24. Savannah Roe says

    Dear Greg, I absolutely loved this video. I worked Public Health in the Air Force for 7 years and you perfectly summed up an explanation I've been looking for. Is there anyway you have access to a printed version of this videos diagram?

  25. jenifer Kpundeh says

    Thanks!! I’m thinking it’s a very simple course!! Can’t wait ?

  26. jenifer Kpundeh says

    Want to study public health in masters level..
    At the moment I’m a student studying Bsc. Business Administration ..

  27. Hasnain Shah says

    Excellent video

  28. Ibraheem Ismail says


  29. Aaisha mohamed says

    i 'am leaner student public health
    so don't know more and more information about public health
    so i need to health prof plz adn plz

  30. Xiao Li says

    I am a little confused about occupational therapy. What does it mean?

  31. Rovels Iroth says

    Hi dr. Greg, thank you for the video, really informative and easy to understand. I'm getting an MPH right now. I want to ask something. Nowadays it seems the professionals from Epidemiology and Public Health are saying the same definition and objective between them, that is like what you are saying, to understand and to act. I am told that an epidemiologist also look for solution to a problem and a public health officer also research and survey for diseases. I want to ask what exactly the real difference between Epidemiology and Public Health at this time? Thanks.

  32. Cynthia Novelia says

    Thank you ! 🙂

  33. Moksh Pradhan says

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  34. hidayatul fariha says

    I usually get stuck when people ask me what do i do as a public health doctor…even my colleagues from the clinical field think that i do administration work..???. Thank you very much for this short and precise definition of PH

  35. Élder Chissale says

    Thank you very much for this video. Great and focused explanation Dr

  36. Lawalazu Kollie says

    Thank you very much for this video, i am now studying public health at cuttington university in liberia.

  37. Anand Saurabh says

    Thanks for such a wonderful video which makes one understand Public Health in minutes. Keep it up 🙂

  38. Alina Woods says

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  39. Jyoti Rana says

    I really confused bt u made me understand can I have a words with you..Please because I literally very confuse for my career option still alot of questions are also uncleared till now.its request

  40. Jyoti Rana says

    Million dollar vide⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ + explanation⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  41. Mohammed Asfour says

    Hi , I’m from Saudi Arabia, in my first year in college of public Health. My question is after I graduate and get a job what i do on my work field?

  42. Imtiaz Ali says

    Good lecture on PH,

  43. Mohamed Musa says

    Thank you so much for this Topic
    Iam from sudan
    Iam public health student
    I have some quations
    Now I study in this year
    introduction to public health
    Medical entomology
    Vital stastistic
    Drawing and building concentraction
    Iam freshman in this college
    tell me some books to help me to understan the concept of this college
    I need profission in this college insha allah

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