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What is computer science?


Programming is the art of telling a computer what to do through a set of instructions. Those instructions are written in a computer’s language, or code. We use computers all the time—even turning off the alarm clock or texting a friend. Becoming a programmer is one of the best ways to have an impact on the world because you can influence so many people’s lives with the things you make.

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  1. Lost meme says

    u tuk ouw jobs

  2. free man says

    Programming and its languages form only a small aspect of Computer Science!

    Computer Science is actually a field of applied mathematics which help us with novel and optimum ways / algorithms to facilitate how our electronic machines COMPUTE our instructions to tackle real life, and fictitious, problems.

  3. sxmplyMxrcy says

    I’m only here because his is for goggle classroom.

  4. Chris Bucks says

    What is this bro I’m trying to play fortnite

  5. IT TV Rwanda says

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh5GfirZb6XsVpL20xBKRuA Kanda subscribe kuriyi television ubashe kujya ukurikira amasomo ya mudasobwa nibijyane Nazo ajyanye nigihe Kandi mukinyarwanda niba ushyigikiye iki gukorwa wakora share ahashoboka hose

  6. Islamgy says

    I don't know what to study information technology or computer science ☹️i need help

  7. Katie says

    I finally found a video that explained what computer science is in human language

  8. Carlos Juarez says

    Just letting you guys and girls know this is all bullshit and i suggest you do your own study from trusted sources, That's all i have to say.

  9. Qewiu says

    0:18 This guy has such a sassy voice damn

  10. ura king says

    Aaa i don't understand

  11. Payton Zhong says

    pause at 1:01…..我想静静。。

  12. Habiba Faarax says

    Hello like compter science but it is not easy for myself to Learn that subject please can you help me ….. please my friends

  13. গর্জন says

    Really Good

  14. Dr-KayaRaya says

    No, Computer Science means knowledge of the computer…

  15. Harley Alexander says

    I agree with most everyone here. By definition a computer or computing agent does have to be a Computer. It can be anything that is able to follow instructions. A person is technically a computer. Computer Science is the study of problem solving or algorithms.

  16. Hussain Khan says

    What is computer science?

  17. Shiv Kumar Ahirwar says

    Is computer science is exactly like where we are teaching something to someone ?

  18. Imitation Krabs says

    I wonder if any of these people actually even did a CS degree. CS is way more than programming. In a sense CS is a sub-set of mathematics, it is a science of problem solving. The coding is merely part of the automation.

  19. nafaidni says

    What's a computer?

  20. Vasu Marwaha says

    Computer science, teach us how to make softwares ?

  21. Moore Stories says

    I really like that Zainab Ghadiyali said it is important to have diverse communities involved in Programming and Computer Science; I also love that the people in the video demonstrate that broad range of backgrounds. Each person in the video shared some of their own experiences as a way to explain the points they were making. This looks like a great video to introduce Programming and Computer Science to students in my Computer Science class that I'm developing for grade eleven students.

  22. Anonymous says

    I know what they are trying to do. They want more and more people program so they can pay everyone less.

  23. Yhen Delazerna says

    Computer science is changing everything

  24. neaumusic says

    HTML structure, CSS styling, learn JS syntax and order of operations, get Kapeli Dash, assign docsets to Opt+CMD, create a stack overflow account and chrome custom search for it. sublime text with plugins, iTerm with zshell, and chrome's built-in devtools for testing CSS and evaluating Javascript. JSbin good for prototyping HTML and messing around, connects to github — a cloud host for Git repositories, which keep track of project or folder-wide line-diffs in text file (sorta like Save As, but with infinite history stored efficiently in the root project folder). Node.js provides a way of executing javascript text with system-level permissions as opposed to the regular browser restrictions. the most famous usecase for Node.js is for Node Package Manager or npm, which downloads open source projects for controlling arduino, Rokus, literally anything. Javascript is the language between languages, and it's universal enough to run anywhere, even as just a Node.js process (with no UI) or in poly-filled and backwards-compatible "web views" like Chromium which runs on smartphones, TVs, etc.

  25. Hector Coronel says

    5 Seconds, bye.

  26. TechForYou says

    I guess ill major here

  27. Alejandro Leal says

    hmmmm maybe I've been so hard on Coding

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