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What is Computer Science?


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Part 2:

In this part 1 video of “What is Computer Science?” I cover programming and discrete math in some detail.

Computer science is often thought of as just glorified programming. But once you enter undergrad you will realize this is not the entire story. Computer science has more to it including discrete math, algorithms, theory of computation, hardware programming, and more. If you just want to learn how to program, then the computer science major will be more than you are expecting.

In this video I mostly cover discrete math and concepts within it because of how important it is for classes to come. Although it’s not used in all your classes, I show you examples so you have an idea of what math you will encounter.


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  1. Naruto Uzumaki says

    watch my tutorials

  2. Dokueki says

    I didn't understand shit on the math part
    I think I should be a software engineer

  3. PepperAnn Tocool says

    N equals 0??? i thought N equals 2 >??hahahahhahahahhahahhaha

  4. Alayzia Gená says

    Me confidently saying 48 colors are needed..

  5. Willie Sanape says

    The video is quite helpful. Looking forward to some more of it

  6. Sal Mosiah says

    This was actually the crypto lab I took over the summer for one week and I’m still in high school.

  7. Kio O says

    I still don’t understand

  8. Verum_ Raixe says

    I just finished freshman year. This looks like a challenge that I'll be in for.

  9. Cameron Trolls Cringe says

    Am I the only highschool student here that knows how to code? and at the first 1:30 knows the answer but different code style mine was:


    work smart not hard XD

  10. Ali Hussain says

    What did i just got myself into

  11. VOID says

    Can I make my own os after taking this

  12. Mark Rodriguez says

    It’s basically a math major and you can code too. I’m a senior but I’ve also taken physics 2

  13. Rudra Pratap says

    Error at 1:07 line 4

  14. Zyy says

    From Psychology to Computer Sciencee! Parkour!

  15. io io says

    I received one of the first Computer Science degrees 50 years ago. So much more to Computer Science than what you are presenting. Operating Systems, Kernels, Hypervisors, virtual systems, security systems, separation kernels, Compilers, Assemblers, Linkers, Loaders, Languages, Design of systems, Systems of Systems. Information Theory, Communication Systems, Formal Methods, …… System Architecture, Data Structures, Algorithms, DataBase Design & Systems, Storage systems, ….. Automata theory, …..

  16. Kritii limbu says

    I thought I'll get rid of maths by choosing computer science…

  17. Syed Hadi says

    Just a question, if I am good at math will it mean I Wil be decent in code too? Just curious

  18. Veronica Jane says

    shit tommorow's my enrollment and im still not sure if i should take this course

  19. Tasawar Saraf says

    What the hell this is so interesting

  20. Azi Paras says

    And this is why i said sike when i thought of taking cs in college

  21. Izuchukwu Ike says

    I was pretty much confused with everything, the discrete math, graph theory and those time slot thingies

  22. AG says

    A very well explanation and easy to understand the discrete maths concept.i am a regular follower of your class.pursuing data science.

  23. Mangesh Ahirrao says

    Dude this is amazing. You aree such a genius. I loved it. Thanks a lot

  24. A. Yarzuki says

    Why you explain the class?

  25. Miku says

    I’d love to learn Computer Science, as a Career. I’d say I meet a few requirements, like I’m pretty good at math for my age. And science as well, writing not so much considering I put “And” at the beginning of almost every sentence-

  26. Learning Facts says

    Great skill

  27. Mr Poofanator says

    Anyone else had that anal com sci teacher teach you to do start at 0 instead of 1 to avoid the <=

  28. Samikshya Manandhar says

    Omg..what the hell was that ???
    High school kids crisis*

  29. MR CODER says

    This is taught in grade 12 in India

  30. its me says

    For the ones taking computer science courses
    Does it depend highly on math skills?

  31. S. Axcell says

    Im a senior high school… and i pick stem strand… and we have statistics, and calculus subject, is it possible for me the get computer science?? Or just pick software or computer engineer ??

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