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  1. Girl, I just absolutely adore you. I hope you truly know how freaking awesome you are. Idk how getting paid through YouTube works but I would awesome just watching and uhm….sometimes rewatching (LOL!!) Videos has a big part in it. So I will literally rewatch older videos I dont really remember while I cook and clean. I hope that's not weird as hell. I'm broke af but still want to support you so that's what I do lmao!
    If possible you should make some sort of video about HOW the whole YouTube thing works. I bet it would draw a BUNCH of new people since its a totally different topic/clientele type thing?? Maybe?? But im sure there are other people like me who WANT to support you and help you but don't know how. Like can I skip the ads or does that take money out YOUR pocket? I gotta know these things, Rebecca! 🤣🤣 okay im sorry, lack of sleep is making me weird 🤣🤣

    Loved your video as always!! These are actually my absolute FAVORITE to watch. So interesting! Have a great one , pretty lady!! 💜

  2. I like how you had 3 nail color changes throughout the week lol your nails always look so perfectly done & you inspired me to try to shape mine like that. They turned out more like mini daggers 😬😅

  3. I don't usually comment but I just wanted to say that I'm glad to see that you havs such a positive and kind attitude (regarding the deliveries and your car). Also, LOVE your videos! Thank you for all the effort and time you put into them 🙂

  4. An excellent what Rebecca ate in a week vegan food video. Never go ex vegan or ex plant based dieter like Jon Venus, Maddie Lymburner have recently done. Hopefully neither Rebecca or Berto her boyfriend are vegan just because of their relationship with each other, you should only be vegan for the animals and the environment.(Animals first but since the environment effects the animals because humans are expoilting the environment the environment is just as important a reason for being vegan).

  5. that salad sounds GR8! and im super pumped for yr little plants to keep growing!!! i think maybe….??? the greens could use a bit more water? I rly dk, I'm very fortunate to have a yard with a pretty well-stocked garden but I know Kale likes a lot of rain at least ^^' idk abt the romaine, though! D: it could still grow out a little nicer. I think the planter is such a cool concept, though!!!

  6. 15:15 it is because they need a lot of sun 🙂 I kill like 8 bc I had no idea, but even if it is really hot, they love sun, just have to be careful with the water and don't let them dry. When plants start being really long can be a bad sign sorry

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