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We Toured the DUKE BLUE DEVILS' BASKETBALL Facility | Royal Key | coiski


We conclude our 4-part March Madness “Royal Key” series in Durham, North Carolina with the Duke Blue Devils basketball program. Check the video above to see George Kiel tour Duke’s sneaker-filled storage, Cameron Indoor Stadium and take in its rich tradition, which bleeds through the entire facility.

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  1. COISKI says

    Duke Lacrosse has some nice stuff in their facility too! ?⬇️

  2. Timothy Williams says

    For about 20 sum years in Durham North Carolina Duke let's highschool's in Durham graduate in Cameron indoor

  3. GutharNBA says

    Don't let leftists destroy your country americans, it's a beautiful country.

  4. Logan Taylor says

    Imagine Duke color way in Greek freaks

  5. aiden burrows says

    No Jordan brand ha ha

  6. Gabriel Rivas says

    God has a special plan set for you filled with blessings and love only if you repent and accept your sins . Follow God and ignore religion and understand we are the bad ones for not obeying God’s commandments. The end of times are coming soon . God knows who He is speaking to .

  7. Robin says


  8. Josh Braxmeier says

    Is that first dude Shaq idk????????

  9. Zay Flu says

    5:52 witch kobe's are those someone let me know

  10. Janikia Woods says

    ????? my squad my squad

  11. Nikola Ljustina says

    Frog skin? it’s snake maaaan

  12. Eli Vance says

    Do KU plz

  13. Sören Potthoff says

    All time lineup: PG: Hurley SG: Dawkins SF: Hill PF: Battier C: Laettner

  14. SpongeBob McPringle says

    Shittiest blue Blood program of all time.

  15. Jordan Key says

    No love for JJ?? gotta be top 5

  16. Maddox Williams says

    ????whatch this?????
    1:16 ?
    ? ? ? ??

  17. Ty Smart says


  18. JJ Le Bon says

    Nolan said Cameron has been here over 30 years Hahahah wow really dude

  19. JJ Le Bon says

    iPad thing here. Wow. Can’t you speak

  20. JJ Le Bon says

    What a crappy top 5. The guy doesn’t even know duke history or players

  21. Nathan says

    Duke baseball!!

  22. KashMuMu says

    never mind, i'm not going to duke anymore

  23. GTG Beats says

    Top 5 Duke Players
    Grant Hill
    Jay Will

  24. Slight Slice says

    No wire hangers!!?

  25. peytonMX says

    duke sucks

  26. Melanie Morris says

    Nice, but lacks n comparison to U.K.

  27. Kj2smooth says

    Rest easy Kobe??

  28. Conlin Reynolds says

    RIP Kobe Bryant

  29. Chawncy Jam says

    Grayson Allen top 5 all time at Duke? Please gtfo

  30. Ethan Mumford says

    What kind of shoes did you get

  31. Henry gameing Hy says

    Forgot Kyrie and Jason Taytum

  32. XxGamerGodxX says
  33. Pretty_Boy_DANNY says

    You should visit a top 5 soccer school and do the same.

  34. Austin Burba says

    When you going to come to Louisville and do some tours

  35. Hamza Mudesir says

    Who’s watching this and thinking about how many sports illustrated zion got

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