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We Finally Know Who Has The Best French Fries In Fast Food


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Without question, fries are one of the cornerstone items at fast food chains. For more than half a century, meanwhile, McDonald’s has been the undisputed favorite when it comes to the fried spuds. And what was there not to love? After all, McDonald’s knows how to pull a crowd by enveloping their fries with an irresistible aroma, which is meant to mimic the scent of potatoes being fried in beef fat.

This was enough to keep us tantalized for a while, along with the balance of salt, sugar, and fat to tickle our taste buds with each bite. But sorry, McDonald’s, another player on the fry scene may have taken your title of fry favorite, as there now appears to be a new king of the fast food french fry on the block: Five Guys.

At least that’s what the results of a survey put out by Business Insider points to. Some 3,000 fast food customers were asked to pick their favorite fast food french fry and Five Guys emerged victorious over McDonald’s for the number one spot. So how exactly did McDonald’s lose their golden fry crown?

In Business Insider’s survey of 3,000 people, folks were asked to rank fast food places on what they did the best and if they had visited in the last six months. To calculate who won this battle, the percentage of people who said they had been to a chain in the last six months was compared against the percentage of respondents who reported that a chain did something better than their competitors.

It came down to the wire, but Five Guys nudged out McDonald’s in the fry category with 46 percent of people who had visited in the last six months picking them for the best french fry, versus 44 percent for McDonald’s.

So what was it about Five Guys fries that made them stand spud and shoulders above the rest of the pack? The Los Angeles Times, which came up with its very own French fry power rankings, has a possible answer to that. Unlike McDonald’s literal formula for success, Five Guys serves up generous portions of piping hot, evenly seasoned, natural cut deep fried potatoes.

These don’t seem as cookie cutter as McDonald’s fries, and in fact waver between crisp and soft. The fries taste like the starchy vegetable that they are made with, because they use peanut oil instead of the other types of fats similar fast food chains use which potentially hide the potato flavor.

In case you were wondering how the other chains that serve up french fries stacked up in the Business Insider survey, 24 percent of those who visited a Chick-fil-A within the last half year used their vote to say this chain made the best fries, putting them at number three. Coming in at number four was Arby’s, with 21 percent of the vote. As for who came in dead last? Business Insider says that it was a two way tie between Burger King and Wendy’s. 11 percent of those who took part in the poll gave both chains an equal number of votes.

Of course, preference for a particular brand’s french fries is certainly subjective. However, Five Guys does have some clear advantages over McDonald’s and other popular fast food chains. For starters, Five Guys slices, dices, and cooks its fries in-house at each restaurant to ensure they’re as fresh as possible. McDonald’s potatoes, on the other hand, have already been cut, pre-fried, and frozen before they make their way to your local restaurant.

Second, Five Guys offers fries in their original “Five Guys Style” as well as the popular “Cajun Style.” McDonald’s only has one kind of french fry, and, as everyone knows, variety is the spice of life. Finally, it’s a well-known fact that even a regular order of fries from Five Guys is quite big and a large order is nothing short of mammoth. Value, freshness, and variety — it’s no wonder the fries at Five Guys are so popular.

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  1. Mashed says

    What fast food chain do you think has the best fries?

  2. Wall O' Brix says

    I’ve never been to a five guys

  3. Maryann O'Connor says

    Checkers is the best. Great taste and always hot.

  4. Dave Johnson says

    KFC fries are so good, when made fresh….my top rated. Culvers fries are the my second best, and Arbys fries are third

  5. MaJieMao says

    Five Guys is massively overrated.

  6. Sam Pendleton says

    Five Guys and Wingstop are in a class of their own when it comes to nationwide fast-food-chain fries.

  7. Savage _mick says

    wendys fries are garbage, i baked frozen fries that taste better than wendys

  8. Cho Cheung says

    for fries, i will pick chick fil a

  9. L Steck says

    It's got to be a paid commercial, Five Guys Fries Suck! You get more grease than fries!!

  10. Fast Food Face Off says

    Did an ultimate French fry pilgrimage and came to the conclusion the Five Guys can’t be best based on value, and flavor alone. Not surprised to hear they were voted by people as #1!

  11. Hong Hui says

    McDonald’s is best because there’s no Five Guys in my country

  12. Oh Shanana says

    Popeyes fries are my favorite and Five guy’s fries are my second

  13. Andrew Dillehay says

    Wingstop and five guys

  14. John Ronalnondo says

    Golden chicks fries hit DIFFERENT

  15. yungmelo disrespectful says

    Wendy's have terrible fries Checkers Rally's has the best fries way better than five guys

  16. MariahxJimin says

    Okay okay but Checkers?

  17. Faiz zzz says

    McDonald's fries taste better than Five Guys fries though

  18. Michael Paoli says

    Wendy's: Skip the fries, go straight for the baked potato!

  19. michael martin says

    I love a good french fry, but 5 guys DOES NOT make the best fries. Yes, they are made fresh, and they give you a boat load full of fries, but that doesn't mean they're the best. As of right now, McDonald's still makes the best fries hands down.

  20. Sosa says

    Five guys is not good no more

  21. Dat Le says


  22. BiG JORGE863 says

    5 guys is where it's at!

  23. C Starr says

    BK has the best 🍟

  24. Hello Polly says

    Any chip shop in Belgium. World's best hand cut chips.

  25. Ro G says

    What do you call a tater tot that's upset?
    A fry baby.

    Meh. 😏

  26. Aiden says

    I never liked McDonald’s fries but I do think that chick fil a has the the best fries

  27. DefectiveMask says

    Let’s be real. Fries are fries. You can give me fries and I will eat them all, I don’t care where they are from

  28. Clapback MDS says

    The best fries are the ones you cook yourself

  29. Chris P says

    I think 5 Guys makes the best traditionally made fries. However, I enjoy McDonalds fries more. I do not need traditional.

  30. Jeff Sauerwein says

    Del taco crinkled cut well done wins

  31. Rich Sutterfield says

    My favorites are the ones I cook myself. Fresh cut potatoes, fried in clean peanut oil, use the right technique and temp so they cook up crisp and stay crisp. And they're always hot and fresh. Everything else is a disappointment once you get spoiled on those.

  32. AAGAMER 99 says

    Those 21 dislikes are obviously McDonald fry fans LMAO

  33. James Gonda says

    Burger Kings thick ones like Denny's kick butt tho it does get cold and hard like McDonald's 😎🤙

  34. RonJudy Pahlow says


  35. Charwo says

    McDonalds. That’s it

  36. Gene Miller says

    I've been to 5 Guys once. The fries were undercooked, greasy AF and the worst I've ever had. It has put me off going back they were so miserably poor. FWIW, I wasn't impressed with the burger, either. All overpriced garbage! I will probably try them again soon, but I'm calling it last chance!

  37. Nathaniel GReennagh says

    Checkers hand down, it's not even close.


    5 guys is life…!!!!

  39. Bawstin says

    Checkers has the best fries

  40. Jeffery Linn says

    Checkers? I mean, come on!

  41. Jack Sak says

    We have Five Guys in my remote area, and I go out of my way to get those fries.

  42. Clyde Kimsey says

    Yes, 5 guys fries are great

  43. Clyde Kimsey says

    Cains are great

  44. Gene Williams says

    Wrong, 1 CHECKERS, 2 ARBY'S, 3 McDonald's, 4 Wendy's, 5 Five Guys & there to EXPENSIVE. Hardee's & Burger King GREAT burgers last on the list for French fries.

  45. Jay Michel says

    That’s dog looked like he had found his soulmate

  46. 187rocketman says

    Checkers by a mile for me to

  47. Chaseforneverstar says

    i love them five guys cajun friess jus so much salt

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