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we are scared to play this game… Merrell Twins Live


We played VR CHAT and it was so FUN!!!
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  1. David South says

    Nessa press the the little button and the duck went “YEET”
    Btw I on dads acc

  2. David South says

    The cat made me laugh so hard

  3. kayzelle says

    41:28 LMAOO

  4. Julija Kuder says

    i dont speak no spanish bruh

  5. Eva K says


  6. Nina saad says

    The game

  7. Ricky Gonzalez says

    1:38:05 Translation: I'm the only one winning here, yes? Can you explain that to me, cat?
    1:38:13 Hello.

  8. JESMITA D Souza says

    I hate Merrell twins uh

    Sorry what atuo correct I love Merrell twins I always watch there videos

  9. Mira Abdallah says

    omg hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 🙂

  10. Toby Ripplinger says

    i was playing as the puingquen i was playing with you guys that giant curmit was weird i loved meating you guys you guy sare my idle

  11. Sofhia Gatchalian says

    Can you do another VR chat livestream?

  12. Andrea Coupon Account says

    Merrell twins: are you watching the Stream

    Owl:(creepy) yes I am watching the Stream

  13. Forward Hehe says

    👁️👅👁️ 👁️👄👁️ 👁️🍂👁️ 👁️💧👁️

  14. Judy Buitrago says

    URrr nottt a SIMP

  15. Judy Buitrago says

    I was laughing when the the alian said eww LOL xddd idk he said ew but lol xd

  16. Juana Ascencio says

    Ugh I said never two times

  17. Tim Nguyen says

    You’re so funny look 👀

  18. Juana Ascencio says

    Sorry I forgot I saw this video I like this live video I liked and subscribed

  19. Juana Ascencio says

    What is this app ok why are you scared it’s not scary wait never makes never mind it’s funny

  20. Nayyy_ am says

    When i laughed: 45:1046:15 But THEIR laughs made ME laugh so uh 👁👄👁

  21. Jamil Soto says

    The part when the spanish kid asked the cat "visco" it means crosseyed

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