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Watch Mary Hart and John Tesh's Emotional Entertainment Tonight Reunion! (Exclusive)


After co-hosting Entertainment Tonight for 10 years, Mary Hart and John Tesh are back together, reuniting on the ET stage.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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  1. Danny Carrington says

    Mary Hart is racist trash, glad she's finally been exposed.

  2. CoopyKat says

    Absolutely DISGUSTING. So now we find out the staff of "Boring Entertainment Tonight" are all racist. Charming. How the hell does this show remain on the air? It's time to boycott the SPONSORS of this show.

  3. oneconscious man says

    John never knew he was working with a nazi wannabe.

  4. Shavar Martin says

    Racist from the beginning

  5. sotaboy24 says

    Oh this is Mary hart

  6. Bárbara Negrón says

    Mary Hart just gave the White Supremacy symbol at the trump covid rally.

  7. Our Southern Nest Adventure says

    I’m glad she is gone!

  8. Our Southern Nest Adventure says

    I can not you are a Trump supporters! Well, watching you for years is time I will never get back! You are a disgrace!

  9. Love Me Like A Reptile says


  10. K. Barnes says

    shame on you for mt. Rushmore… today

  11. uwkidstos says

    I have not watched ET for 8 years now. It was fun to see Mary Hart and John Tesh working together. That was when ET was at its best moments and my favorite time to watch it. Used to watch ET a lot as a kid in the 80s. When Mary Hart left ET, I continued watching ET until Mark Steines left the show in 2012. When Mark Steines left ET in 2012, that's when I completely lost interest in the show. That was the very last time I watched ET. Now it is very unlikely I will ever watch it again. The good times are now gone. Now I am only watching news on my local PBS station.

  12. Frances Mask says


  13. rick meade says

    john tess  god    worked   a real mircle  in your life sir some day you will walk  down the ille some day god wants you be  here  for  him   and your great loving wife and family

  14. Ruben Mejia says

    That studio is pretty noisy.

  15. Eric Samuelson says

    John Tesh & Mary Hart, its a true American classic

  16. Jack Daniels-Son says

    Such an uplifting man who has brought so much inspiration to so many people over the radio, God knew how he would navigate that path along with his wife Connie by his side. Wow, it was so challenging to watch Mary get emotional. She is so stoic. I couldn't watch this whole interview because I can't believe he went through that. Im so glad he came out so much better on this side.

  17. Jack Daniels-Son says

    If only we could have the 1980s back. Now its all about reality shows. None of them have on screen chemistry anymore. Its just so cosmetic now.

  18. Barbara A. Sakowitz says

    "For The wages of SIN is DEATH But The Gift Of GOD Is Eternal Life In CHRIST JESUS our LORD our SAVIOUR!" Amen And Amen! Romans 6:23 http://www.gty.org

  19. Robert Polityka says

    They hardly aged

  20. Ivo G says

    Well this made me feel old. my mom used to watch them every night.

  21. Mrs. M. says

    Jesus Christ is the only one that can heal anything and save a soul. He died for us to give us salvation and eternal life if we believe in him, repent from our sins and live according to His word. Jesus is the answer for this world today. Accept his gift of salvation today because tomorrow is not promised for no one. Jesus offers forgiveness and eternal life. He loves us all!

  22. Tots Mini says

    Ohhh those good 'ol days – when hosts had a beautiful connection and their energy was synchronized!! ~ Love to both of these people!

  23. Sharon Isaac says

    God bless you John and Connie , So happy praise The good lord, you are here. Love you, the family, Mary, xoxo?❤

  24. Chris Hanson says

    I quit watching ET after Mary Hart left. Her replacements are phony baloney fakes who try too hard to be likable.

  25. newsreader4321 says

    classy hosts and classy show

  26. Bryan McNulty says

    I am one of the older people in this world who was lucky enough to watch the very first episode of "Entertainment Tonight" when it premiered in the fall of 1981 and I have been watching it non-stop for the last 38 and a half years. Some weeks ago I was also lucky to watch the 10,000TH show as well. In my opinion both Mary and John were and still are the best anchor team in the history of the almost the 39 year history of this show. To John, I am so sorry to hear of your cancer diagnosis and I happy to hear that you are in remission. I also watched your concert specials and I love your music. God Speed to you that you remain cancer free and I will say my prayers for both you and your family. To Mary, I miss you as the co-anchor of Entertainment Tonight and it was a great loss to the show when you retired. It was so nice to see both John and you together again. God Bless you both.

  27. Phil Koch says

    With Christ we can do ANYTHING..

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