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Wartune Mobile (ENG) – Epic magic SRPG Gameplay (Android/IOS)


Wartune Mobile (ENG) – Epic magic SRPG Gameplay (Android/IOS)

Feel tired of auto-fight? Feel tired of boring numerical combinations? Let us try this amazing and exciting new mobile S-game! Right! Wartune is the super popular magic epic webgame. Now, the magnificent magic epic game restarts on phones, reminds you the classical plays and brings great experience. In Empire Alamein, you are going to maintains the Wartune movement, fighting the abyss monsters to protect the world from chaos. Don’t be nervous! With protection of Tina, Priestess of Light, you will have the power to absorb the chord, incorporate those forces without kings into your own ones, and make contract with and train apotheosis of Sylphs. You can improve yourself in a series of RPG adventures including instances battles, wild fighting, occupation and plunder. At the same time, you can run your own ligeance and castles and ally yourself with other players in the world who attack the Chaos. All of you are going to cooperate to protect the Gaia from the control and destroy of Hell fire devil Saros and bring the brightness back to Cloud City……

►► Total Size: 1.01GB

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  1. KirbyFrontier says

    Ah, Wartune. Seeing a sequel to that game brings back memories. …half of them quite traumatic (that game got really competitive and was probably one of the pioneers of P2W, if I recall correctly).

  2. John Dell Vinas says

    Why is this not on my Google playstore? I'm from phill. Btw.

    Edit: omg it says not available on my country.. 🙁

  3. jungleboy tae says

    I remember playing wartune as a back middle and high school

  4. Savior Heavens says

    Okay I give up tried so many ways omg still

  5. Baphomet Rag says

    turnbase but the HUD setup looks like non stop action game? XD this game is wierd

  6. FETHI GAMER says


  7. ThermoNuclear says

    damn i used to go hard on wartunes back in like 2013 or 2014-2015

  8. Foke says

    Another game cutscene 2d gameplay 3d but this not 😂

  9. Ovan says

    Went from 2d to 3d? Both look good 😎

  10. DeepByteDigger says

    This game is crap remember this before in PC browser-based game totally crap.

  11. Duck Here says

    Turn based games are so stupid and bad

  12. Savior Heavens says

    Yep that apk link u put don't work

  13. Vhem Son says

    Can't download

  14. Savior Heavens says

    I tried to use the apk but it's hopeless

  15. Savior Heavens says

    How do I play this

  16. Ze DeStRoYeR says

    Another bad RPG game, I only wait Ragnarok and Genshin impact

  17. Savior Heavens says

    It seems the apk don't work

  18. Rk Revan Gaming says

    Wartune is still alive? I remember playing this on Facebook many years ago lol… Heavy P2W game. If it's the same game developers on mobile, I'm probably not downloading this lol.

  19. VOID Gaming says

    Wtf i am first

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