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Walt Disney Home Entertainment logo Remake (Black)


This is a remake I made based on the 2002 Walt Disney Home Entertainment logo. Enjoy.
I don’t own the music its Copyright The Walt Disney Company

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  1. Edgar Hollywood // Floral Media LLC says

    Live Action Version

  2. Lewis,Sherman,Riley And Hanazuki Fan 2002 says

    I like it

  3. june salenro says

    Taken from "Beauty and the Beast Special Edition" (2002) DVD

  4. FireBreather16 AUTTP says

    Correction it was made in 2001

  5. Cida Ribeiro says

    Using the original 2002 WDHE logo

  6. Andrew Stockton says

    This is how I would make the logo Enjoy.

  7. Andrew Stockton says

    Enjoy my remake of the logo

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