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Video Game Easter Eggs #27 (Ghost Of Tsushima, Batman Arkham Asylum, Ghost Recon Breakpoint & More)


In todays episode of video game Easter eggs, we make some new friends in Ghost Of Tsushima, we encounter the king of monsters in Ghost Recon Breakpoint and we find a deadly weapon in Mordhau.

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This video features video game easter eggs from:
Batman Arkham Asylum Easter eggs
Ghost Of Tsushima Easter eggs
Doom Eternal Easter eggs
The Suffering Ties That Bind Easter eggs
Mordhau Easter Eggs
UFC 3 Easter eggs
Ghost Recon Breakpoint Easter eggs

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  1. Andres Gonzalez says

    In Ghost if you walk through tall grass you can see Jin run i fingers through it.

  2. uncledirtnap1 says

    There are a couple of other places in Ghost of Tsushima if you bow will cause something to happen. If you bow in front of the grave of the boss you defeat in your first dual will cause a bolt of lightning to strike in front of you. Also there is another pillar of honor bowing will cause a whirlwind of green leaves to surround you and another that causes a swarm of fireflies. I just started the 2nd act so I'm sure there's more. Salute.

  3. idcWHAT uthink says

    Hate when ppl pronounce the T in tsushima …. its like doing it 4 Shang Tsung smh

  4. Izzat TheArtOfClassicIndonesia says

    I thought GR Breakpoint is a Wildlands DLC

  5. the unkillable cat says

    I have a Easter egg in goat simulator mobile you can find a house with a axe stuck in it witch is a reference to the shining and in minecraft if you walk on soul sand with a enchantment soul speed on boots and walk on soul sand it will free the souls

  6. Rat Ronald says

    I think the Harley Quinn's thing was out in and when they took it out everything broke


    There are more pillars in ghost of Tsushima where if you bow it activates things around you. One of them you can find during one of the mythic quests for the armors where you find a hidden house inside a mountain. When bowing to it the leaves around you will activate. Another one activates a bunch of crickets around you. And i think there's another one but I can't recall what it was

  8. Mango Juice says

    The cube in Batman might just be a scenemanager of some sorts. Scripts need to be attached to an object in order to run in a scene, so I'm thinking they just gave the cube (which is a preset asset you can just use as an object you throw those scripts on) a nice texture so they didn't have to look at a boring cube at all times. Obviously, it would've been better if they made it invisible for release, but that's probably what it is!

  9. SlyverKill says

    At 4:38 why isn't spiderman one of those? Or detriot BH

  10. Aiden Keegan says

    Hey I found a red balloon on the new reworked house map in the car bedroom if you walk into the door look to your right and look up there is a red balloon

  11. Maor Adaneli says

    The guitar representst the last of us 1 not 2. The last of us 2 is dead game because it hat the worst storytelling of 2020

  12. Idksomething Meerkat says

    At first I thought the sound in the bunker was the demagogen

  13. Jin Sakai says

    Love the videos

  14. Matt D says

    [Spoiler for end of Chapter 2 of Ghost of Tsushima]

    I’m sure most people did this but if you didn’t know If you bow at your horses grave a spiral of embers flows around you

  15. Matt D says

    Not sure if you’ve covered it but in the latest DOC for Borderlands 3 there is a fridge in a locked room with caution tape around it and surrounded by blood. It is a reference to Control

  16. InZane says

    Can you cover the Crysis 2 Elevator Easter egg?
    That one is a Classic!

  17. SnuSnuDungeon says

    No crab rave music?

  18. Blod Bone says

    The last one was Dustin's Pet Demodog name Dart from "Stranger Things Season 2"

  19. Enter name here says

    The Harley Quinn thing was just to check textures

  20. Renny Jayden says

    On of their own accord in Mw2 Remastered you can go up to a vending machine and it will dispense sodas as soon as you get in the building

  21. metalhead666 says

    Just to say the t in Tsushima is silent.

  22. Scarecrow says

    One time in ghost recon breakpoint I found a line of terminators but the thing is the terminator event is over so…

  23. stephen broly says

    The last one is the black smoke from the TV show Lost

  24. Nacho Cheese says

    In generation zero there is a final destination reference

  25. DarthJeff 101 says

    The cube is a span point

  26. Asphyxia says

    Theres a ton of things like that in ghost of tsushima

  27. jamall Marshall says

    4:36 is an awesome easter egg ik its an IT easter egg but it not no lame red balloon it actually does something interesting

  28. jamall Marshall says

    Where's the spiderman reference on that table? Spiderman was the literal reason why my brother begged for a ps4 lol

  29. Alan Fisher says

    I thought the last one was a reference to the smoke monster from Lost

  30. Captain Germany says

    Bro I miss your old Corvo Pic.

  31. Shatterdice says

    Hey man try going to a lake town for fisherman an bow by the lake an fish will jump out , the trick is to always bow where you see the bow sign an a different fx will play out . Awesome vid love what you do an your British like me which is awesome .

  32. Callum Griffth says

    The sound in the bunker sounds like a velociraptor purring from Jurassic park

  33. AzureRoxe says

    That was, BY FAR, the best IT reference ever made so far.

  34. Alfred Moor says

    In the resident evil 2 remaster there is a Red Dead 2 Easter egg of Arthur's hat

  35. Cojack 111 says


    If you bow at your horse's grave, something like these little secrets happens

  36. Nathan Ruiz says

    The ghost of tsushima one is actually a trophy I think if you get all of them you get a trophy

  37. Kigkig Lord says

    i think the last easter egg is a reference to stranger things? the scene where dustin puts dart in a shed similar to the one shown. correct me if i'm wrong tho.

  38. Infinity4kt says

    The noises in ghost recon sound like the smoke monster in the show LOST,
    And the hatch can be a reference to the hatch in LOST

  39. Isaiah Nuno says

    Heyyyy Can you do a easter Egg On Apex Legends about when you finish The Treasure Chest Quest Of the head of the Robot I Forgot Her Name BUT When your in the last mission ABOUT Too Put her Head attached to her body wait A Couple Of Minutes she will say some Numbers And about 5 or 10 Mins She Will Say that who doesn't Like Ice Cream Everyone likes Ice Cream ?? AM BEING For Reals You Guys She talks about Waldo LIKE who the Hell Is Waldo ?!?!?!?!!!!!!! Please READ THIS AND SEE For your Self Before The Battle Pass Ends!! Thanks I always Loved watching your easter Egg Videos Even I Try Sooo Hard what type that I can find for my Self Huge Fan By The Way Thanks !! ?

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