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Victorian fashion: How to sit in a hoopskirt (crinoline)?


How to sit in elleptical hoopskirt? I’ve been asked this question several times, and so here are some of my thoughts on this: the two ways of sitting I usually use and my “how to” suggestions for elleptical crinolines. Hope, it’ll be useful and informative and you’ll enjoy it!
This tutorial may help especially when crinoline’s shape significantly is shifted back, but it also useful for rounded cage crinoline.
P.S. Yes, the dress here is unfinished, you can visit my instagram to see it inprogress 🙂

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  1. Azre Taidana says

    A victoriano how-to video with a modern chair, now i can sleep normally at last

  2. Izanami says


  3. Samantha Biascan says

    I always wonder this thing every time i watch Disney movies, "Bitch, how these princesses sit on a chair 🤔".

  4. LunaWitcher says

    This is gonna be so useful if I ever travel back in time.

  5. Gone Simping says

    YouTube: Do you need to know how to sit in a hoop skirt?
    Me, a whole ass Jonah Hill looking dude: yeah sure

  6. Netty says

    The music scares me

  7. Teresa González says

    I didnt realized how much I needed this video until now

  8. Yulia Davlatova says

    welcome back to another episode of: My youtube algorithm is going crazy!

    litterally nobody asked for this but it was useful i think

  9. Mohammad M.E. says

    So this is what gave Cinderella's step sisters the Kardashian butts.

  10. Willy Okungbowa says

    I don't have a hoop skirt but I'm gonna beg my mum for one to be

  11. Niza Neri says

    No sé cómo llegué aquí, pero ahora se sentarme usando una crinolina 👍

  12. Luna Solis says

    Can we please all appreciate the sims making magic soundtrack in the background (i at least think it is)

  13. Ali LordOfTheSkies says

    Why is this in my recommendations? What is YouTube trying to tell me?

  14. S D says

    I never thought i would ever actually click such a video😂

  15. Possibly a Fish says

    I'm very disappointed that one of the ways was not to just have the skirt devour the chair 🙁

  16. Venky Ratnam says

    Curious.. Why's it designed that way?

  17. Kaidence Varnell says

    I wish I could have an excuse to wear this somewhere

  18. Kirinaiv says

    I feel blessed to have pants

  19. truffled says

    wait so how you pee?? Isnt it hard to pee with that thing on even though you can push it to the back? 🤔🤔

  20. KurapikaKurta.Mp3 says

    Why is this in my recommended

  21. not normal realm says

    Ladies wore prison cell under their gowns 🤦

  22. Cimar Kalsi says

    Why am I even watching this ?😂

  23. qwq soup says

    if 1836 had youtube

  24. splats - chi says

    me at 1:58AM

  25. Anisha Sonawle says

    Why is the background music so creepy

  26. ジェリコ jrchjybng says

    is it me or is her hand so sneaky? i only noticed her hand moved from the slomo.

    anyways im a man, why am i even watching these

  27. zachanikwano says

    But what if you rode a unicycle so you looked like you were hovering everywhere?

  28. disasterology ! says

    the last i wore a dress/gown like this was still in 1st grade, wished i wore smth like this too on my prom :/

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