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VERY EASY, MOUTHWATERING lunches for a healthy life


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Addictive, healthy BREAKFAST ideas:
Irresistible, fast DESSERT ideas:

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Chinese Noodle:
Beyond Meat:
Unsweetened Acai packet:
Favorite cauliflower rice:

“The Lunch Box”:
Mini wooden chopping board:
Pastel colored knife:
Starry glass bowl:
Mini wooden tray:

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  1. Alivia D'Andrea says

    • Addictive, healthy BREAKFAST ideas: https://bit.ly/30t3Erh
    • Irresistible, fast DESSERT ideas: https://bit.ly/2E3Zmzl

  2. Daisy, Oh Daisy says

    Am i the only one who loves the way how she says 'avocado'? Do all americans say it like this? Lol

  3. Jocelyn says

    the avacado and egg with meat ( optional ) TASTES SOOOO GOOD

    edit: when i say optional i meant the meat is but it’s good for the protein and i use pepper on mine and it’s so good and so filling

  4. Peri Anderson says

    can you do dinner ideas

  5. livia says

    Does the rice one work if we have normal rice?

  6. Rushi estoniaa says

    an alternative sauce for Chinese noodles:
    ingredients for one person:
    •quarter of a table spoon of honey
    • 3 quarters of a table spoon of Soy Sauce
    • quarter of a table spoon of fish sauce
    • juice of half a lime
    • Curry powder, half a teaspoon-1 teaspoon recommended, but if you want it to be spicier, add more.

  7. BaBy _Kookie says

    I’m so young so I don’t have these ingredients. And I’m to scared/I feel bad to ask my mom cause I don’t wanna take time out of her day just do buy things for me. Ugh why is it so hard to lose weight and be healthy ????

  8. Luisa F says

    0:15 – vegan pita bread pizza
    0:56 – açaí smoothie bowl
    1:53 – chipotle bowl
    2:31 – low carb fried rice
    3:33 – egg, turkey, avocado sandwich
    5:22 – spicy chinese noodle
    6:23 – stuffed bell pepper
    7:00 – avocado toast with a twist
    7:38 – vegan burger and fries

  9. G_Studios says

    Most people need more protein than that!

  10. Stacy Telle says

    Guys, yes these are low in calories, but you literally could just add some little snacks or toppings like nuts and cheese, or even more proteins like chicken to make the calories higher. These are general recipes that are healthier than a cheeseburger and fries everyday. You don’t have to stick to the exact recipe.

  11. Nicole Ziegler says

    More content like this please ??

  12. Olivia H says

    Another food my family uses in place of rice is quinoa! It is really good!

  13. Grace Hwang says

    I like that you're using vegan recipes for some of the lunches. Not only are they healthier, but they are also better for the environment and the animals' lives. 🙂

  14. Divine Alyssa says

    I want to make the vegan pizza and the açaí bowl and I asked my dad to go get the stuff and he was like NOPE . So there goes that. I’m now eating a lunchable instead?

  15. random person says

    4:10 looks like lord farquad's logo

  16. lada dracula says

    you just motivated me a lot to eat healthier thank you

  17. emilytchuu says

    What is it? Lunch for mice?

  18. Maya. B says

    Your editing is GOALS !

  19. Joana Silva says

    Waaa You sound just like Mandy Moore 😀 delicious looking foods! Definitely going to try 🙂

  20. Sabithayashu says

    She inspires me a lot …. She uploads such good videos …. Just love watching her videos??

  21. Isyss Zabala says

    Jesus is coming!! We need to get ready by repenting of our sins like lying and stealing (those are examples) and trusting in jesus christ!! When he comes you dont want be left behind. Jesus loves you!!

  22. lolita says

    great ideas but i cannot deal with the way you handle the food… like scraping the beef in with your hands

  23. Megha Manjhari says

    it was so goooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. wow says

    1:44 2 shots of vodka

  25. wow says

    1:15 LMAOOOO

  26. holly banana says

    Where do you get açai packets? i can't find them anywhere

  27. Elaine Li says

    alivia: drown it in oil
    my ed: that's not very helth of you-

  28. ihavenovideos says

    Loads of other people probably have said this but she did say toast a piece of toast?

  29. Grace Marie says

    Dang. I love the fact she adds seasoning to everything

  30. Tomasz Cisoń says


  31. Asheesh Kaur says

    Tip: use avacado as cheese. It won't melt but hey, u have mushy nice stuff on your pizza too

  32. sunflower peachie says

    I am eating the vegan pizza right now and it tastes sooo good!

  33. HoneyLuvAmor says

    Heyyyyyyyy i have that same shirt but its in pink all of the white was selled out

  34. Meme Meme says

    Do y’all actually eat this for lunch? My daily diet as an Asian is rice for breakfast, rice for lunch, rice for snacks, rice for dinner, and rice for dessert lmao.

    Jesus I cant imagine lunch without steak and rice

  35. aimee sz says

    why would you blend açai with milk omg

  36. lina h. says

    me watching this while eating box cake: ?️??️

  37. Ciara Murphy says

    Lmao 'toast a piece of toast' ?

  38. Mahendra Tiwari says

    Plzz make your other Q and A . My Q. is how old are you and when started gymnastics . Love you ????

  39. ssamrica says

    i’ve been with u for a few years and u motivate me so much. thank u

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