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Venice Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia


The Italian city of Venice is a city like no other, rising from the waters of Venice Lagoon. Follow us through the historic streets – and canals – and see why Venice should be firmly on your bucket list!

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Begin your #Venice #vacation in the central district of San Marco. Journey along one of the world’s great aquatic thoroughfares, The Grand Canal. Glide past elegant palazzos; today many of these palaces house important museums and galleries.

Known as The City Of Bridges, Venice has hundreds to discover. The Accademia Bridge offers some of the Grand Canal’s finest views. The oldest of the Grand Canal’s four crossings is the Rialto Bridge, which serves as the gateway to the Rialto Markets. The most famous of all is the Bridge of Sighs, which connects Doge’s Palace to the historic prison.

Venice is a city to get lost in, so put away your map and let her surprise you. Just remember, this city smiles upon those who linger. So stay for a few nights, or #explore for a month, and savor every moment she has to offer.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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  1. Monica Ahlawat says

    0:10 to 0:11 Venice is a city like no other
    New York City is a city like no other
    Am I a joke to you
    Will I still love Venice but I never visit

  2. sai Khay says

    i want tovisit venice

  3. Maria Jimenez Padilla says

    The history of the city is very full

  4. Maria Jimenez Padilla says

    It"s very b8g and cery beatifull and Wanderfull. Their lakes are very big and fantastics. . The Palaces , are. Incredibled . ?????

  5. Jason Liu says

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  6. Carol Smith says

    Going in 2 days

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  11. mtenham says

    Wow, Amazing vid guys

  12. TERRY T LEE says

    Thanks for amazing video. I hope we all could travel this place someday.



  14. Niggеr Owner Giuseppe says

    Stay strong Italy.

  15. Zain Uddin says

    I just wonder if there were any incidents of people falling in the canal? Hope for none but what if?

  16. Zengő says

    Very nice I want to go. But now I know it's worth it. Thanks! ?

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  18. RINA DEY says

    lovely city…

  19. IVETH SANCHEZ says

    beautiful video i would suggest decreased the volumen of the background so I could hear better what is saying

  20. Lucky Singh says

    Italy is the best… love from indiaa

  21. les gama says

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    I am new friend
    Please come to my house

  22. Ramakant Panchal says

    Nice countrey and beutiful place but I m poor but no problem I m watch this side thanks

  23. Dinara Nabieva says

    I dream to go in Italia , it is very beautiful country for travel

  24. Dinara Nabieva says

    Molto belissimo , very beautiful

  25. Langné Regina says

    Gyönyörű videó. Köszönöm.

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    God bless Italy

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    Expedia come to Kolkata West Bengal

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