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Vashisht was named after Rishi Vashisht one of the seven sages of Hindu. Legend has it that the saddened Rishi Vashisht after learning that his children were killed by Vishwamitra tried to commit suicide. But the river refused to kill him. The river was therefore named as Vipasha which literally means ‘freedom from bondage’. It was later shortened to Beas River. He began mediating and vowed to start his life anew. The Vashisht temple which exists even today is believed to be more than 4000 years. It’s difficult to imagine how a place so old could remain so small. Perhaps the village is protected by its difficult landscapes. Vashisht temple is built in a traditional style with lots of intricate wood carvings. It is also most popular for hot springs which is believed to have medicinal value. There are separate bathing arrangement for men and women. According to another legend Lakshman who paid a visit realized that the sage had to go for long walks to take bath. He shot an arrow into the ground and hot water began to gush out. There’s another temple ancient stone temple known as Rama Temple adjacent to the Vashisht Temple.Vashisht village is considered an important place by the Hindus in India. The place is often associated with pilgrims.

Jogini falls – The trek to Jogini Falls is among the best short treks near Manali. The trek route passes through a narrow lane adjacent to Vashisht temple and goes through apple orchards, tall pine trees and small water streams. On the way few restaurants and guest houses are also available. A gentle walk will take 1 hour to reach the base of waterfall. Top point of the waterfall can be reached by a walk of another 15 minutes. This is nice gentle trek which can be completed in 3 hours from Vashisht Temple. The whole trek route is very scenic through beautiful villages aligned with the sprawling valleys. This is one of the best short treks in Manali to enjoy local scenic beauty and village life in Himalayas

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Point Of View: This is a Telugu Travel Vlog Series, where I will try to cover different places in India and express my views about the place followed up with suggestions and recommendations and the view of the places from my camera.

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