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Using Giant TV’s as Computer Monitors 50” 4K UHD Samsung Screens ?


I show you how to setup your own surround gaming setup using large 4k televisions, including what screens to pick and how to configure the hardware and software to get up and running. It took me a lot of trial and error to get the setup I have today and hopefully this inspires you to try. Click ‘Show More’ below to expand this section.

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  1. Buster Cherry says

    I don't think 50 inches is considered a "giant" tv.

  2. Ash Richards says

    It is not very smart to be in the market for a new monitor/screen in 2020 and watch 2016 reviews and tech updates.

  3. Michael TH says

    4k UHD is great for gaming on pc.. Ive had a setup with 2x 4k UHD tv´s and it was awesome all way through , no problems at all

  4. Nokkie says

    Instructions unclear: Penis stuck in ceiling fan … Again. Send help.

  5. Shubham Debnath says

    your problem with 444 chroma sampling at 4k60p , i hope you have solved, still just for other people, 980 and 980ti are hdmi 2.0 but not hdcp 2.2 compliant, so max you can get is 422, which as Barn said is close to 444. 10 series cards are hdcp 2.2 compliant

  6. Thunderdan88 says

    I've no dreams of being a competitive gamer but I do plan to game and stream and sometimes do both at once. This could be the answer.

  7. Thunderdan88 says

    Dude! Sooooooo informative! Thanks a bunch.

  8. Clint Tan says

    u so cute ,lol

  9. h2oaddict28 says

    27" 5760×1080 144hz for me. Can't go back to 60hz…

  10. fmuld fhalo says

    Hi Have you finish the script to switch between surround & three screen?

  11. Ajeet Singh says

    One point is Missing in the video. Can I use my 43" 4K Samsung QLED for a multi screen trading setup? Would I experience any lag or lack of clarity in reading the prices?

  12. nobbinz says

    Been trying to look up specs on tvs to make sure I get the right fit, looking at these three but I can't tell if they have game mode or not…or support the 4x4x4 chroma. Whelp.

    TCL 65" Class 4K UHD LED Roku Smart TV HDR 4 Series 65S425

    Sceptre 65" Class 4K UHD LED TV HDR U650CV-U

    RCA 65" Class 4K Ultra HD (2160P) LED TV (RTU6549)

  13. Wayne Wilson says

    9.9 kazillion words in one pixel.

  14. lojosol says

    while im not using UHD TVs, i am using Samsung HD TV/Monitors i got from costco a while ago along side some curved monitors. this video helped with my screen matching issues a ton, never knew that all those TV settings had such an adverse effect on the image, and setting them to off or neutral settings really solved my problems!

  15. Zeb Solaria says

    Lol the first thing I thought was that 3x 4K is a lot of porn

  16. Candisa says

    Watching this in 2020, using 2 FHD 32" TVs (69dpi), I only see the pixels when I get close and look for them.
    The thing keeping me from getting (a) large 4K TV(s) is having to look far up to use the top half of it/them.

  17. Azure89 says

    the amount of neck twisting to take in all the action going on on all those screens you would build a neck like Arnold Schwarzenegger

  18. phillip martin says

    Damn, the video answered all the questions I had about using a tv as a monitor. Multiple thumbs up.

  19. Trevor Kinman says

    I got a 65" 4K samsung TV on craigslist for a stupidly good deal and I use it as a computer monitor; it's really nice because I can sit further back and use a controller (basically use it as a 4K console), but when I sit nice and close to my desk it still looks great. I recently got a computer that can actually get solid 4K60 in games, so now the only thing that I wish for it was that it could push 120FPS (unfortunately it does not play nice with custom refresh rates).

  20. crazyeYesgaming says

    Once I plugged my laptop into a "40 LED I can't imagine using anything smaller for my desktop setup.

  21. Jason Mullinder says

    Not a gamer so my needs are not significant and have used a TV as monitor for years, barely watch TV. Thought of this video when I got my 65" UHD TV.
    Currently using my soon to be retired laptop at 1080p

  22. Bala rishi says

    0:18 the monitor on the right has screen tearing.

  23. Raykell Foster says

    One thing I just HAVE to say……. "Dude you are FRIGGIN AWESOME!" The review is great! I honestly would have gone and just purchased a 4k TV and tested, but its soooo much easier for you to spend your money and let me know ROFL! In all seriousness… thank you!

  24. nomomrnyeguy says

    You make those 50" inch TV look like 20" monitors

  25. FinnishArmy says

    I have 3 TV's running. The main one is a 70" 4K 4:4:4 HDR10, still can't see pixels unless I smash my face against it. Left is 1080p 60", right is 1080p 43".

  26. Jose Sanchez says

    I like you, you are very charismatic, and enthusiatict. That's why I watched your videos.

  27. Will Mutt says

    I want a rig with the same monitors (number and kind), but I just want to run my trading software. Will only one GPU suffice?

  28. kay bhee says

    show text,, only games huh

  29. Rolando Sepúlveda says

    Now you can buy 3 g-sync 144hz gaming tv, the world has evolved in Bernacules way

  30. HTP 23 says


  31. Kim Jeyong says

    Using my 43 inch 4k Tv which was $340 as my monitor.
    Best experience I had in Singleplayer games and watching youtube / software engineering.
    Also playing WoW is just so much better on a TV.

  32. pr0xZen says

    Each cluster of liquid crystals or LEDs on a display, can only display "one color" at s time. So it csn only do whole pixels, no fractions or decimals.

    Imagine using a stencil to paint dots in little squares on a paper. The stencil has holes in it that line up exactly with the squares on the paper. Now if you scale a 1080p image to display on a 4k screen, that is like instead of painting one color through each individual hole in the stencil, you take the same paint and apply that on 4 instead, in a 2×2 grid.

    With scaling a 1080p image to a 1440p monitor however – now suddenly the size and spacing between the holes in the stencil, and the squares on the paper, no longer line up. Now you have to do away with the stencil and try paint those dots as nicely as you can, by freehand. It's gonna take a lot more work, for each piece of paper, and the result will not look as uniform, and nowhere near as sharp, as it would with a stencil.

  33. SlickBlackCadillac says

    Warning: Samsung has renamed HDMI UHD Color to Input Signal Plus. Hope this saves hours of your life that I lost.

  34. Ellas77 says

    OK. So how do you access the PC mode if your 4K Tv supports that? I have a single 43" 4K 60Hz LED tv (NS-43DF710NA19). Hooking it up to my PC and games run choppy

  35. Klinik Pancing says

    Like ????

  36. Doc Canoro says

    I'm ok with playing at 1920×1080, I just want the size.

  37. Dragaan says

    I know this is an older video, but I happened to go through this same exact "dilemma" about 4-6 weeks before this video was posted. All I have to say is…. I have NO IDEA why people are so keen to disable the interpolation, etc. on their 4k TVs when using them for gaming. If you do SOLID research beforehand, you can find TVs that have completely acceptable (and nowadays even good to great) input lag with all bells and whistles enabled (by which I mainly mean the Interpolation, although I personally find the "reality creation" on the Sony TVs pretty amazing as well at times). But besides that…. the fact that you talk about it like it's no big deal is just crazy.

    On every specific Sony/Samsung 4K tv that both myself and my brother have purchased for gaming, not only does the interpolation, etc. make the experience way, WAY better, but the input lag is perfectly acceptable. And we (well, at least my brother) is just about the biggest "input lag nerd/nazi" ever. He's literally constantly bringing it up as a subject. (I'm just a former HIGHLY competitive PC gamer). But neither of us can understand why you would want to buy a TV like this and not enable those features for gaming, unless you don't have the money for the mid-to-higher-end models, in which case you may need to reconsider the entire thing because of the $$ PC hardware requirements (even 3.5 years after this video was made…).

    I'm not saying everyone will find that it makes THAT much of a difference for them (which, fwiw, is usually like playing your games at 4k/90fps instead of 4k/60fps….for "free"….). I just feel like you're doing some folks a disservice by making it sound like it's not worth it and that going right into Game Mode (or as I like to say, "Lame Mode"…get it? …haha…) is absolutely "the #1 first thing you should do once you hook it up". Do your RTINGS, Digital Foundry, AV forum research correctly before making the jump, people!
    (Most important thing for me is that it's actually NATIVE 120hz – for my brother it's sub-80ms response outside of game mode). After all, almost everyone who's buying a large screen 4k TV for a PC monitor is also going to do at least SOME (or most likely, quite a bit of) movie watching as well…

  38. Cisano Appdev says

    Impressive the effect to see you playing with 3 tv ^_^

  39. Big Black Mac says

    The best Tv monitor review so far

  40. Nathan Jay says

    And now these are like $260

  41. Gavin Colbourne says

    Having gone back to re-watching this video after getting an LG 43UM7100 4K UHD HDR TV and was thinking it might be good to update this type of video to include 4K HDR

  42. Adel Almansoury says

    Thank you so much

  43. Kenny says

    I use an app on my phone to turn on and off the tv, the computer the lights and all the power plugs. Lol.

  44. Kenny says

    Due to your video I made the plunge and got a 55 inch 4k tv . It replaced my 4 other screens smaller. Wow you are right! Crisp image. HDMI 2.1. 60 Hertz. No lag on game mode. I have a smaller 27 inch screen on the side if I want to fire up someing else. My HP omen gaming laptop I diving the screen without an problems. Thank you Sir…your tips and tricks have helped me a lot.


    Jerry, this is james using my mothers google/youtube account but to the point, My sister and i used this type setup until we found out the radiation from the 3 screens was killing our healthiness, and they (according to the research we have done) have caused more issues with these panels versus actual monitors. Not saying that is hurting your health but just an idea to think about for you.

  46. Robert V. Reid - Artist says

    can you talk in layman terms , that we can understand { I am not a techie } I purchase a UHD TV 43'' 6 SERIES NU6900 and I what to know how to do it thank you {

  47. MAX3D2 says

    Ahh I love this guy! Funny as all get out!!!

  48. WideOpenChange says

    Would buying a 65” qled 4k work? Will it let me basically custom-stretch any screen size I want, up to 65”?

  49. VikingsFan39 says

    Dude, I'm so fucking confused now. I am looking to buy 3 43" tvs to set up for my flight sim cockpit. I am running a i7 7700k, gtx1080ti, 32gb 3600mhz ram. Can you help me through picking out TVs? Also if I go 4k tvs can i play my flight sim in 1080p without making the picture look like crap, or should I get 1080p tvs? I wanted to get cheap tvs on black friday. My confusion comes with what tvs specs I need to worry about. Please help!

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