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USA vs France – Basketball | Rio 2016 – Condensed Game | Throwback Thursday


After defeating Serbia 94-91 during the Preliminary Round of the Basketball tournament at the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio, Team USA had to face France in the Carioca Arena. It promised to be a close match between two of the best national teams in the world. Find out how the story went for Team USA who were looking to keep their unbeaten Olympic record going since their loss to Argentina’s Golden Generation at Athens 2004.

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  1. Olympic says

    Enjoy the entire Golden Generation documentary, only on the Olympic Channel! https://bit.ly/2Jm9vpG

  2. faultt says

    the commentator is so biased lol

  3. Juan Miro says

    23:02 that is basketball ??? USA

  4. Kaan K says

    why they gave 3 to dunk at the beginning

  5. An Khalid Official says

    I can finally enjoy life because of, e z h i g h p a y .c o m

  6. bhargav says

    i really wanted france to win

  7. Islem Mansri says

    Fière de nos joueurs ???? franchement contre les USA etre si proche de la victoire c’est peut être pas une victoire au point mais c une victoire intérieur avec de très belles actions et de très bon joueurs

  8. Marchel Parera says

    06:27 : klay thompson shoot 3 point
    06:33 : fans looks like klay thompson with glasses

  9. Mark says

    This commentator is horrible. He tells you what's going to happen before it does, which completely erases the suspense

  10. MNRH investigator MNRH investigator says

    Apparently Angola could be doing better than FRANCE against the USA.

  11. washington batista de souza says

    Excelent game, congratulations for France, that fight more against USA

  12. 2kleagend14 says

    Iowa Ron James

  13. Edwin Edwin says

    It would be nice to have see the full games, vs France, Spain and Serbia

  14. Señor Maestro says

    17:42 thats ilegall

  15. The Destined Place - On Hiatus says

    3 G, 1 F, 1 C. ? "Let's shoot all day long."

  16. TuPotasze Twisterowo says

    kevin durant is very very good

  17. TuPotasze Twisterowo says


  18. andy lee says

    literally FRANCE vs NBA ALL STARS..

  19. Francisco J. Ríos says

    Rudy "Govid-19"

  20. Stef Xyxy says

    This is the difference of 2016 and 2019 USA line up

  21. Woke's Backup says


    Kyrie – KD connection

  22. Rey Millares III says

    I just realized at 24:28 Melos shot was a 5 point shot ??

  23. Abdelhalim Gaoui says

    diaw pass la balle a batum !

  24. B The Installer says

    Huertel #4 was nice. Wow, to defend Kyrie and have Klay Thompson on you most of game… he nearly had a triple double vs the f'ing USA MENS OLYPMIC team. That is crazy.

  25. Johnny B Perkins says

    Other throwback would include the bronze medal and semi final matches that don't involve team USA. Watching drama and build up through a final 4 is exciting.

  26. Ely Foo II says

    That was called SPLASH Thompson ??

  27. Lenard Lopez says

    Legend parker ❤️?

  28. KingKrung TV says


  29. PraZ-zwal Karki says

    Why isn't curry here?

  30. PraZ-zwal Karki says

    Why isn't curry here?

  31. PraZ-zwal Karki says

    Why isn't curry here?

  32. EV DE says

    Game 5 2016 Finals

  33. John Ganda says

    do the usa vs serbia 2016 final!

  34. Erick Silva says

    17:41 this is a possible?

  35. That Asian boii says

    France/Spain is the only country that has a chance against USA

  36. hulaan mo says

    2:38 anthony?

  37. Guy Parris says

    I enjoy your commentary.

  38. Eren Jaeger says


  39. African Pastor says

    Only police can shoot better than Klay

  40. Mikie Gwapo says

    USA clearly won because of klay.. what a performance klay.. good job.

  41. Andrew Tan says

    I'm golden State fans so in watching this but Steph Curry is not here

  42. Shalom Milongo says

    V.good game usa

  43. Enrique Osuna says

    Heurtel is ELITE

  44. CF Project says

    Curry should be here

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