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USA v Spain – Full Men's Basketball Final | Beijing 2008 Replays


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Relive the full Men’s Basketball Final from the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing! The United States’ “Redeem Team” with NBA superstars like LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Team captain Kobe Bryant faced the Spanish squad. After a disappointing third place in the 2004 Olympics, the pressure was high on the USA to regain an Olympic title and to carry on the legacy of the former Olympic Dream Team of 1992. Would they manage to beat Spain in the final match for the Gold Medal? Enjoy watching and find out!

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  1. Stan says

    When USA and China were still friends, at least seemingly

  2. Nov3m says

    classic carmelo anthony: 2:04:58

  3. Nov3m says

    1:14:26 Lebron:"Ey D-Wade, High Five!"

  4. キョン くく推し says
  5. P H says

    Kobe! ? ???

  6. Eli Elkana Barus says

    So many “f” word

  7. もーるお酒 says


  8. Arnau Olivé says

    Wade was a beast

  9. lol lipop says

    Spain DREAM TEAM !!!

  10. Scott Pang says

    no longer like watching the NBA dramas

  11. Mohamed Ismail says

    This game was the ticket to the NBA for Rudy Fernandez

  12. novaWRX says

    57:25 Chris Paul scissor-tripping a guy while on the floor ???

  13. HANITIZY ML says


  14. miky hernando says

    Am i the only one feeling like the refs puniahed spain way more?

  15. Lucifer Morningstar says
  16. outdoornoobie says

    This made me tear up. RIP Kobe. You were loved by everyone around the world ❤️

  17. Jasmine Johnston says

    Watching this for you, Kobe Bryant. You’ll be missed 🙁

  18. Ridho Wiranatakusumah says

    d wade in his prime killer

  19. Mixalis Georgoulias says

    When the game ended kobe went straight to congratulate the other team ???what a legend man. R.I.P. Kobe and Gigi ??❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. Mixalis Georgoulias says

    1:38:37 who did kobe shush? (RIP)

  21. Mixalis Georgoulias says

    Who did kobe shush?

  22. Jerry Boslon says

    Usa and spain
    We are true warriors
    I like this 2 times
    Specially my idol goat kobe bryant???

  23. Georgios Moustakas says

    Anyone knows why Calderon didn't play at all? Thought he was an important player for the national team.

  24. Mixbass says

    10:28 someone at the audience: “this game we are gonna win it” Kobe: “hold my Gatorade”

  25. kahiauandkeeaola808 says

    57:23 Dude threw Paul to the ground (that’s an uncalled foul), so Paul tripped him up (another uncalled foul), other teammate pushes Paul down (foul called). Lmao. What level of maturity is this they’re playing at? ??

  26. Zihan Zheng says

    RIP Kobe

  27. Omar Pilar says

    oo 8

  28. 匿名匿名 says


  29. Boss RaiN says

    1:35:54 ,Rudy Fernandez borrowed a towel from Team USA, and Jason Kidd gave it to him. OMG

  30. Lucy Barupian says

    Ct ct

  31. Martin Hache says

    En la hora y 51 minutos, recién acabado el partido, se acerca Rudy Fernández a un grupo de 3 jugadores de usa para saludar. Cuando le llega el turno a Lebron, éste le ignora completamente. Es una secuencia rápida, hay que estar alerta. La pregunta es.. por qué Lebron actuó así? Es medio tonton? O hubo alguna justificacióm que se me escapa para actuar como un medio tonto?

  32. LechuzoDeAtenea says

    31:18 Maaarc

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