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USA ???????? v Serbia ???????? – Classic Full Games | FIBA Basketball World Cup 2014


Wow! What a classic game today! We show you the full final of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2014! Team USA vs Serbia!

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  1. FIBA says

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  2. Lendi1122 says


  3. Jack Black says

    The guy with the vuvuzela can go ** himself

  4. King Marcus Tx says

    i feel sad whn see curry wants a ball but harden not givin in … haha

  5. Kica Vandalovski says

    Nenad jebeni Krstić

  6. perseus iijima says

    Lol at the commentator saying "I didn't see this coming…I thought Serbia would be way more competitive than this…" Do you not see the names on the USA lineup? Just by that alone you can see it was a beatdown waiting to happen.

  7. perseus iijima says

    Thia USA team would have trashed 2019 Serbia.

  8. ウシチ says


  9. Alessandro Cericola says


  10. Zulfikar Muchlis says

    What a gap

  11. jeremy xu says


  12. Nikola Teofilovic says

    9:13 KLJUČAN TRENUTAK FINALA!!! Da je ušla ne bi se tako lako vratili i preokrenuli???

  13. дем кен says

    USA: population 330 million people / basket turnover yearly 3 billion USD
    SERBIA: population 7 million people / basket turnover 150 million USD
    nothing to add more…

  14. 王哲翊 says

    no Point Guard all Shooting Guard

  15. rohinemu says


  16. Chauncey Yao says


  17. เป็นหนึ่ง says

    มันส์ทีมเดียว มันส์จริงๆ ยู.เอส.

  18. Jelo Bucao says

    Curry so overrated can't even get a shot. But Uncle drew Irving it was like so easy to him get the money shot.

  19. cile filjic says

    ovo je sramota gledati 😀

  20. Travon Springs says

    So many bad calls and no calls in the beginning

  21. Nick Freeman says

    Harden so hot

  22. Nick Freeman says

    Look at curry man!

  23. CO MANİX says

    12:09 yeeessss siiiir

  24. Peter Ashford says

    salute to Serbia. nice game.

  25. Mr Anh Duc says

    The BNA is the best basketball in the world

  26. John Arnado says

    Who are the players on each team

  27. Melon Scogs says

    Kyrie and harden was too HOT ?

  28. ポッ君 says


  29. Free Load says

    Tambak ang mga bubung serbia ? mga tanga

  30. Chris Cross says

    US had a superb shooting game and Serbia never got going, which can be attributed to US great defense. With that said, Serbia was a much better team. Would love to see FIBA hold best of 3 or 5 game series for final and semi's in the future. It'll never happen because of conflicting pro schedules but would make things more interesting.

  31. Edward Otero says

    22:20 isn't it goaltending?

  32. j. dzalto says

    Where is LeBron????

  33. natisaver says

    lol who remembers this was droses return and kenneth farried won mvp

  34. j. dzalto says

    USA has the best nba players, for Serbian players we never heard but they were impressive

  35. YUKUN ZHOU says

    why do they hav to start faried when they could play ad as pf and cousins at c??

  36. YUKUN ZHOU says

    how do u call klay derrick rose when rose hasnt even played that game yet??????????

  37. YUKUN ZHOU says

    lol were they playing harden as sf????

  38. 潘奕居 says


  39. Osmin Reina says

    Asi tiene que ser U.S.A no hay que tener piedad de nadie cuando ya lo tengas ay que rematarlo

  40. Nao Baller says

    Basketball is a sport where the ones with most selfishness and ego, get to win(unlike football, points go in all the time, therefore if you have the ability to score by yourself, you win). And Kyrie did exactly that as he stepped up with his 3s in 1st quarter.

  41. Harder Way says

    Late time out calling in the first quarter determined this game. It could've been much more interesting, such a shame.

  42. Trongthep BC says


  43. Brooklynboy says

    15:12 Commentator “and the shot knocked down by Derrick Rose!!!” ????

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