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USA v Argentina – Men's Basketball Semi-Final | Athens 2004 Replays


Can’t wait? Watch it now:

Relive the full Men’s Basketball Semi-Final from the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens! After two previous losses in the group stages the United States team featuring superstars like Tim Duncan and LeBron James in his first Olympic Games had to prove themselves in a thrilling match against Argentina. Enjoy watching!

Check out how once-in-a-generation Argentina team brought down the Dream Team and won gold at the Olympics 2004 in Athens:

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  1. William Munny says

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  2. Marvin Mercado says

    Si anthony nagkapigsa na ang pwet…

  3. Marvin Mercado says

    Binutas ni lebron amg bangko sa game na ito aba

  4. Gabo Troncoso says

    Get wrecked usa

  5. Aldo Rios says

    Argentina father of USA

  6. Francisco Calvo says

    Que fue esa poronga jajjajsjja 53:00

  7. riCo says

    no one can shoot well from the USA Team that's the problem against the zone defense

  8. Ramil de Larrazábal says

    Poorest line up of the Dream Team.

  9. Tesla Vander says

    Les tocó perder, solo hubo un DREAM TEAM 92'?‍♂️?

  10. mariano380 says

    37:58 que pena que esa no entro, era un triplazo jajaja

  11. Porco Rosso says

    I think the main reason the US don't usually get to or win the finals in international games is the slight rule different between nba and international basketball.
    There is just that little hesitation when they move on the court. You also see centers crowding the lane when Argentina is on defence. The US team space themselves out almost by habit.

  12. Appreciation world says

    Nice 720p quality in 2004.

  13. monti miller says

    The U.S. 2004 team just didn't have the experience together as a team as Argentina had in Scola, Ginobili, Notioni, Sanchez, and the rest of their team. Iverson, & Marbury are great guards but defensively and point wise they just couldn't get it done and where constantly turning the ball, taking the ball all the way to the hole and getting offensive fouls called rather than dishing to the open man as Jason Kidd, & Deron Williams, CP-3 did in the '08 as well as '12 Gold medal Men's basketball U.S. Olympic winning teams. Lebron was young as was Wade & Melo and all 3 of these players would shine in the '08 as well as the '12 Olympics especially Wade who I thought was the most pivotal player that no other teams could match up to his speed, offense, and defense. This would also be the only Olympics for Timmy D. and his not being hip to the European rules had him in trouble before getting his game on tap, and he always seemed to be in foul trouble which we all know is a rarity because Duncan's defense is his pedigree and the reason he has 5 rings! The '08 team would have Dwight Howard at Center, Kobe Bryant at guard or small forward, Michael Redd at guard, Chris Bosh at forward/center, as Deron Williams at guard, Jason Kidd at guard, as well as D.Wade, Melo, L.B.J. all in their primes and this redeem team could have actually given the original Dream Team a run for its money, if you leave M.J. out of the equation!!!

  14. Melanie Fernán says


  15. Nathan Day says

    That Walter Herman guy was a big key to Argentina's win

  16. Gustavo Armas says

    Épico!!! Si alguien sabe o tiene la corrida de magnano post palomita de Manu Ginóbili vs Serbia lo agradeceré un montón

  17. Yudha Kusdiantara says

    Where's Messi?

  18. Santiago Daufin says

    32:29 = art

  19. Amanda Peiffer says

    Puerto Rico vs USA …amazing game!!

  20. steve gates says

    Great Argentinian team that time while LeBron James and Dwayne Wade were not yet in their prime.

  21. Carlos Tiviroli says


  22. Jaleel Muhammad says

    Larry Brown did an awful job coaching. He had only one shooter on the floor around Duncan the whole game. Carlos boozer got way too many minutes. He was dirt. They had LeBron riding the bench most of the game. Melo should of been out there to spread the floor not Marion or Jefferson

  23. Jaleel Muhammad says

    37:43 classic Ai

  24. Jaleel Muhammad says


  25. NintendoLegoNbaFan says

    Lol Duncan vs Ginobili

  26. Lloyd Emil A. Colot says


  27. Carlos Lírio 1999 says

    Com direito a ola kkkkk ole, ole ???????????

  28. Tin pui Cheung says

    The worst USA dream team of all time

  29. Pecos Martinez says

    Epic game. Argentina botou pra quebrar em cima dos gringos.

  30. Ulquiorra Cifer says

    24:0824:53 Why were the commentators cut? Did they say something the Olympics didn't like?

  31. Ulquiorra Cifer says
  32. Karen Cureg says

    Worst line up

  33. armin38822 says

    This was a good team but USA did not bring their best. The true dream team of 04 would be something like this :

    Shaquille O'Neal
    Tim Duncan
    Tracy McGrady
    Kobe Bryant
    Jason Kidd

    Baron Davis
    Vince Carter
    Paul Pierce
    Kevin Garnett
    Ben Wallace
    Ron Artest
    Ray Allen

  34. Aléxandros Antúnez says

    increible.. no me lo esperaba del pais futbolero!!!

  35. Lutador Carioca says


  36. Gonzalo Urrea says

    Manu si god

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