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USA ?? v Lithuania ?? – Classic Full Games | FIBA Basketball World Cup 2010


Check out the full game between team USA and Lithuania from the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2010. Which stars do you recognise?

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  1. FIBA says

    We are live streaming 1 classic game per day until the end of the COVID-19 crisis, don't miss them -> subscribe and hit the bell! http://fiba.com/subYT

  2. DarkGoku says

    USA flexing with easy europe rules.

  3. saimon m. says

    The NBA Is the best league in the world !!

  4. Fulgen Ponce says

    Iguodala is most defensive player in a firsthalf

  5. Шапагат Ганиевич says


  6. Valric Abejuela says

    Nice play Sana for USA ??????❤️ oks lang po to all ?

  7. Frank says

    Impressive defense from Iguodala

  8. Music says

    I belive i can fly …… 30:47

  9. Nerijus M says

    (From LT me ??????) what is this t h i n g

  10. Lee Ecthelion says

    A player like KD is very OP in FIBA system.

  11. Allan Kiisk says

    Litauen ???

  12. Modestas Gendvilas says

    Durant………anyway, go Lithuania !

  13. Hot Chilli says

    Team USA is over qualified with KD ???

  14. Skotmanas says

    "Go on Kevin let's get 40 points" commentator said. ??? u serious?

  15. Jommell Necesario says

    damn curry didnt even complain hard work pays off looking back now…

  16. ReCharredSigh says

    Kevin durant, andre iguodala, and stephen curry all on the same team before the 2017 season.

  17. Neron JP says

    Any curry footage in 2007 USA-U19 team? Wanna see it so bad!!!

  18. MelonCiego says

    Kevin Love looks like a handsome Wayne Rooney XD

  19. sebastian hunter says

    If that was the actual three point line in the nba Durant might have been the goat

  20. OKAYYYY says

    Kd is too damnnnn good

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